Once the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education got involved here, the school suddenly saw the light. This is why FIRE is so important.

FOX News reports:

College backs off charges against student who used Trump photo on Zoom, still claims Facebook post broke rules

A New Jersey college has backed off five of the six student code of conduct charges it had leveled against a student who used a picture of President Trump as his Zoom background and wrote an allegedly inflammatory political Facebook post — but the school is still claiming the Facebook post constitutes “disruptive behavior.”

Stockton University previously charged doctoral student Robert Dailyda with disruptive behavior; discrimination; harassment; hostile environment; harm; and bullying and cyberbullying, but this week removed all of those charges but one, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a First Amendment group representing him. The school, in a Tuesday letter, said that all of the original charges, including the one still leveled against Dailyda, were related to the Facebook post and not the Trump Zoom picture that started the chain of events leading to the Facebook post.

The school still alleges that a Facebook post Dailyda wrote saying that he would “fight to the death for our country” was disruptive behavior, which could lead to minimum punishments including probation, community service and a fine.


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