This sounds like such a miserable experience. Online classes from home seems like a better alternative. reports:

Syracuse University quarantine: 23 hours in a dorm with no AC, card games with your ‘family unit’

Juan Rivera and Payton Dunn have begun their college careers at Syracuse University by spending their first two weeks in quarantine.

They spend 23 hours a day inside. There is no air conditioning. They are allowed to interact with a group of only 15 to 20 people. With their one hour of time outdoors, they are checked in and out of the dorm and given strict instructions on the path they’re allowed to walk. Food is delivered to a common room each day in brown paper bags and delivery options are forbidden.

About 3,000 Syracuse students from 34 different states are subject to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s quarantine orders. Those orders require individuals coming to New York to live apart from other people for 14 days to avoid any chance they pass on the virus.

Most Syracuse students are doing their quarantine off campus but about 420 are doing it in dorm rooms, an experience that is costing some SU freshmen $1,000.

The most important thing, both say, is that they might be in isolation but they are not actually alone.

The school has split arriving students into “family units” that include students living on three floors in each residence.

“It’s weird to be only allowed outside an hour a day, and we can’t have food delivered, but at least we can interact with the group we’re here with,” Rivera said. “The social interaction takes away from us thinking it’s like prison. I don’t think it’s been that bad. But it’s also only been a few days. It might get tougher.”


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