On July 30, 2014, Kemberlee Kaye did her first post for Legal Insurrection, about failed border policy. Over 2000 posts later, she’s still here.

Kemberlee quickly carved out a niche of covering cultural (war) issues, particularly in defense of dads, and against political correctness and pseudo science:


She loves to mock the excesses of liberal feminists. Her October 2015 post about feminists falling for a 4chan hoax was both a classic, and one of our most popular posts of 2015:


Kemberlee is our resident graphic artist, producing not only various Legal Insurrection graphics, but some much needed image annotations:

And she’s been running our daily newsletter, Morning Insurrection, since inception. If you sign up for Morning Insurrection, you will make Kemberlee happy.

Kemberlee’s role here has changed over the years, and she was helpful in launching the Legal Insurrection Foundation, where she serves as Director of Operations and Editorial Development. There is a lot that Kemberlee does to keep the machinery at Legal Insurrection working that never gets seen.

Kemberlee’s free spirit is reflected in her resume, which includes stints at FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, and Senator John Cornyn’s campaign.

Kemberlee was doing podcasts and vlogging before podcasts and vlogging were cool, and before they invented high definition cameras (she’s probably going to kill me for finding this):


One thing I’ve learned about Kemberlee, is that she knows EVERYONE in the conservative blogosphere. And she LOVES coffee. And she is incredibly FUNNY.

But more than anything, she loves her family. Kemberlee was our first blog mom:


And now she’s adding a son to her two daughters, expected around Thanksgiving:


It really is hard to believe it’s been 5 years. So much has changed in our personal lives, and at the website.

In a world where digital media has become cutthroat and economically impossible, where people are hired and fired on a whim, where clickbait rules, and where the need for outrage is constant, the steady hand of people like Kemberlee has helped us survive.

There are many ways to measure success, but certainly one of them is the number of current authors who have celebrated 5-year anniversaries at Legal Insurrection:

New Neo (fka Neo-Neocon)

Andrew Branca

David Gerstman

Fuzzy Slippers

Leslie Eastman

Mike LaChance

A.F. Branco


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