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Leslie Eastman 5th Anniversary at Legal Insurrection

Leslie Eastman 5th Anniversary at Legal Insurrection

Our foreign correspondent in California, and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.

2012 must have been a very good year for Legal Insurrection.

We recently noted the 5-year anniversaries of A.F. Branco and Mike LaChance.

Now we celebrate another 5-year anniversary, of Leslie Eastman.

Leslie’s first post, a College Insurrection, was August 30, 2012. She explained her background in her inaugural post, Meet the Team – Leslie Eastman:

Hello College Insurrection readers!

First, I want to thank Professor William Jacobson for giving me this amazing opportunity to join his “rebel alliance”. Now, a little about myself:

I am a chemical/biological safety consultant, with degrees in chemistry, biochemistry and geology.  As a freelance writer, I contribute science and technology items to various news organizations.  I am also one of the co-founders of the San Diego area’s largest “tea party” group, the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition.

As a citizen activist, I opened: Temple of Mut – The Shrine of Flaming Capitalism.  While preparing posts focused on current events, science, economics, history and humor, I alighted upon Legal Insurrection.  Professor Jacobson has kindly featured my work, and being designated as “Tweet of the Day” remains my favorite blogosphere moment.  I am still questing for that perfect bumper sticker!

The Higher Education Bubble and lack of diversity in campus discourse are two topics that I have followed closely.  My step-daughter recently received a degree in Chinese from the University of California Los Angeles, and is now obtaining an advanced degree at an affordable Beijing university.  My young son is interested in science and engineering, so I am mindful of what awaits him in the world of academics over the next decade.  A good friend authored a book that highlights the actual economic value of specific degrees.

I recall my days of student writing, which I did for Wayne State University’s “The South End”.  I still follow student exploits from my other alma mater, “The Guardian” at the University of California San Diego.  I am thrilled to be able to magnify independent conservative opinion and key news items from our campuses today by featuring student articles.

Finally, I hope to occasionally offer pieces that may prove helpful in specific college courses.  For example, we are near the anniversary of Thermopylae (the famous battle between the Spartans and Persians that occurred in 480 BC).  One of my dearest friends is a well-known military history expert who has prepared a series on that crucial conflict: MEET THE SPARTANS. I suspect my chemistry-based pieces will not be nearly as entertaining!

The fall has always been my favorite time of year, as the start of the school year also represents a time of new beginnings. I am looking forward to sharing this new beginning with the College Insurrection community. Thank you all so very much.

I’m not sure how I first became acquainted with Leslie, but I’m guessing it had something to do with her activities on behalf of the Tea Party movement.

Leslie was one of the first movers in the Tea Party tax revolt movement, as this April 11, 2009 video of her reflects.

Leslie even went head-to-head with Leslie Marshall, and I think did quite well.

Leslie’s first post at Legal Insurrection was November 10, 2012, taking the media to task over Fake News, Saturday Night Card Game (There was no Ole Miss race riot after Obama’s victory). Leslie was against Fake News before it was cool to be against Fake News.

Since then Leslie has over 1,000 posts. She’s our resident go-to person for anything related to science, particularly politically-driven “consensus” science, Egypt, and Star Trek. Leslie also serves as our foreign correspondent for California.

As the proud and devoted mother of a son, she takes very seriously the War on Men. One of my favorite posts of hers was I am apologizing #LikeAGirl for Super Bowl Ads’ #WarOnMen, which she explained in this interview:

I finally got to meet Leslie when I spoke in Los Angeles in June 2014:

All the above is history. Let me tell you some more about Leslie.

She’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. She manages to keep her hope alive even while living in the belly of the liberal beast in California. Leslie is enthusiastic beyond words, and just keeps going and going and going. We’re so thankful to have found Leslie.


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Many more we hope, congratulations!

I am so thankful to have found you, the rest of the phenomenal Legal Insurrection team, and all our wonderful readers. You all give me reasons to stay positive!

LI readers are fortunate to get Leslie’s excellent posts regarding some of California’s outrages.

I enjoy your writing, Leslie. Thank you!

Great work all around, Ms. Leslie.

Congrats to my fellow San Diegan! Keep fighting the good fight Leslie.

Hi, Leslie!

I enjoy your work.

From the other coast, keep on keeping on, Leslie!

It’s always nice to learn a bit more about the excellent Legal Insurrection writers and staff.

All I can say to Ms. Eastman is, please keep up the good work — your contributions are worthy and highly-valued by your readership!

Congratulations Leslie! What a wonderful testament to your devotion to liberty and freedom. (and lower taxes…)

I think that one of the most needed attitudes, needed in this Country, particularly in the Political arena, Is a positive attitude. There is so much needless infighting and uncalled for insults, being hurled at each other, from both sides. It must be stopped. We have too many enemies, who wish to destroy this nation. Many of whom, are supposed to be good citizens.