Five years ago today “Fuzzy Slippers” became an author at Legal Insurrection. 2012 was a very good year, as we also recently celebrated 5 year anniversaries for A.F. Branco, Mike LaChance, and Leslie Eastman.

But that is not the start of the Fuzzy story. Starting in early 2010, Fuzzy had her own blog first at Google Blogger (didn’t we all?), Fuzzy Logic. That “blogspot” blog no longer exists, except in bits and pieces on the Wayback Machine.

Then she got all fancy (didn’t we all?) and moved to Wordpress in early 2012, Fuzzy Logic:

Her “About” page describes a little bit about her:

Welcome!  I’m a book lover, television watcher, former liberal, amateur photographer, patriotic blogger person. Oh, and I also like shoes. And coffee.

Trestin Meacham interviewed me (5/29/10) for a series of conservative blogger interviews he was doing.  You can find that interview below.

TM- You use the name Fuzzy Slippers. Is there a story behind the name, or a reason you choose to use this?
FS- I chose the name because I rather liked the “comfy” and welcoming connotation that it has, and it seemed to fit the type of blogging that I was doing originally. I would not have chosen “Fuzzy Slippers” for a political blog, but then, I never intended to have a political blog. Circumstances in the country changed, and I felt that I could no longer write about things like Cadbury chocolate eggs, shoes, and television shows as I was doing. It became more and more evident that our country and way of life are in real danger, and I slowly moved to writing exclusively about politics. I never really made a conscious decision to become a conservative political blogger, it just happened in response to this administration and its agenda, so I’m just sort of stuck with “Fuzzy Slippers,” I guess.

This is the footer to every page of Fuzzy Logic:

Fuzzy started as a commenter at Legal Insurrection, brought here by our Scott Brown versus Martha Coakley Senate race coverage.

Her first comment, according to our archive, was January 1, 2010, regarding social media used by the candidates.

Fuzzy had a total of 268 comments through September 2012, at which point she became an author, initially to help with our Empty Chair series. She also helped out, later, on launching the Elizabeth Warren Wiki.

Her first post at Legal Insurrection was on October 6, 2012, Launching the Election Day Empty Chair Countdown:

Fuzzy has had 937 additional posts since October 2012, and now is our Weekend Editor She also does posts during the week.

Fuzzy also has had an additional 1428 comments since becoming an author. She loves to mix it up in the comment section.

I’ve never met Fuzzy, but have interacted with her almost daily for years. I know her real name, but I’m not crazy enough to get on Fuzzy’s bad side by revealing it.

The Fuzzy you see in the comment section is the Fuzzy I’ve come to know. She loves hard, and fights hard. She’s intensely loyal, and has a kind heart.

A frontier woman of the first order. Annie Oakley with a keyboard.


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