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Mobs and Midterms Week at Legal Insurrection

Mobs and Midterms Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Democrats won the House but the far left is as angry as ever. What happened at Tucker Carlson’s house seems like a turning point.

And we’re still counting votes for some reason.

Democrats are exactly who you thought they were.

Republicans scored some great wins.

You know what? CNN does suck.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Mike, this needs to stop! “Democrats won the House but the far left is as angry as ever”

They are not far left! Extending this generous degree of unearned separation to Dems is playing into their hands. Make Dems own them! Make Dems play to a better set of rules!

This is way too mild.

Anyone who has been paying attention sense 1999 should have seen this coming. The more the Democrats lose control of power, the more unhenged they have become. It is with great regret that most Republicans tend to be timid and adhere to the rule of law even when it doesn’t apply. But then they fail to understand the significance of the “Rules for Radicals” which has become the bible for the leftist. I believe that is why PDJT was elected. He understands and knows how to counter.

Why do you keep bringing up mob intimidation and vote fraud?

We are never going to do anything about it, so let’s talk about sports and entertainment instead.