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Balloons and Socialism Week at Legal Insurrection

Balloons and Socialism Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The Democrats’ battle plan for this fall is finally coming together.

And their new star is already shaking things up.




World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Trump seems to be inching up in the polls and yet in the House Generic Congressional ballot Ds are at about the +8% level in the polls. And rising.

It doesn’t make sense.

    Fen in reply to MSimon. | July 22, 2018 at 10:02 am

    I’ll wager the corrupted pollsters are trying to generate enthusiasm.

    Remember, the sane crew that had Hillary at 90% escaped a reckoning when the Democrat Mobs were distracted by “Russia! Russia! Russia!” the day after the election.

    Corruption always feeds on itself. No after action report. No self-analysis. No correction. So the Left gets to repeat that mistake all over again.


    If we learn anything from watching the Dem Meltdown on election night, it better be “don’t get cocky, kid”

    Get off the interwebs. Go volunteer for a local campaign. Hell, run for office too. – Instapundit

      Mighty_WHrIGHTY in reply to Fen. | July 22, 2018 at 11:04 am

      Yes, they are corrupt. I got called by one last week and when I answered that I was for Trump no matter what he did, the pollster informed me that I would not be counted because they already had too many in my demographic.

      The pollsters are pro-choice and cannot be trusted. They don’t like Trump because he is not scientific. He loves God and the little babies. He is compassionate, kind, tough and ruthless.

Not smart people. Why infantilize the guy who outflanks you at every turn?

Reminds me of Teenage Mega’s response to Deadpool: “If we’re the shit detail, what does that make you?”

Plus, it’s much smaller than advertised. But I guess the Beta Activists have grown accustomed to that. Heh.

Deer in headlights Socialist: … democratic socialsim, meaning, its voted on by the people and, if it’s not a good idea, it doesn’t get voted in”

Hey hotness. I’d like to introduce you to my two friends, Fenris and Lobo. The 3 of you get to vote on what is for dinner.

Orange Privilege? The diversitists have lost their collective mind.

So, is the problem that baby Orange was deemed unworthy (e.g. nonviable), and has escaped Planned President (PP)? Release the hounds. This will not, cannot stand.

Crazy-eyes Cortez.

Wonder if she’s from the same tribe as Fauxcahontas.

Like you keep saying? But you only just started posting here. Or did you forget that you are not really a sock puppet nursing an old grudge?

“You lying libellous liar!”

Ah, brings back memories.