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Trump 2020 Campaign, Outside Groups Bring in $32.7 Million in Three Months

Trump 2020 Campaign, Outside Groups Bring in $32.7 Million in Three Months

Small donors having a huge impact on fundraising

It’s not too early to think about or prepare for the 2020 presidential campaign.

The Washington Examiner reported that Federal Election Committee (FEC) filing show President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and outside groups have pulled in almost $33 million in just three months.

From The Washington Examiner:

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s re-election campaign raised $8.3 million and, when added to the money collected by its two associated groups, the total was $17.7 million in the second reporting quarter. The campaign has $33 million on hand.

It also sped up its shift to small donors. In the new report, it said that 98.5 percent of fundraising was from small donors, though the total was $2.3 million less than the first quarter.

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara, a senior advisor to his campaign, noted the small donor impact on the campaign:

Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc., hailed the domination of donors who gave $200 or less.

“We are thrilled with the continued support of so many Americans who resoundingly approve of Donald Trump’s performance as president,” she said, adding, “The American people clearly see how hard President Trump is working to reclaim their jobs lost to bad trade deals, increase their take home pay through historic tax cuts, and make their communities safer through his immigration enforcement and initial work to build the wall.”

The small donor portion is significant in light of the Democrats money-raising trouble since the 2016 presidential campaign.

Back in August 2017, I blogged about a Politico article which discussed the Democrat fundraising crisis and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) primary fundraising official Michael Whitney explained the importance of small donors:

This isn’t just about money. Small-dollar donors are an important measure of how much grass-roots enthusiasm a campaign or organization has. They are the supporters who will show up to knock on doors, make phone calls and get out the vote. And since they don’t donate enough to reach campaigns’ individual contribution limits, you can return to ask them for money time and again—which frees campaigns from continually being on the hunt for new, deep-pocketed donors who can max out. The lack of their support threatens to prevent major gains by the party in 2018 and beyond.

The super PAC America First Agenda and America First Policies brought in $15 million. Since 2017, these two groups have raised $47 million.

Bill White, a fundraiser for America First and former Hillary Clinton supporter, explained that Trump has brought in numerous new donors because of his “non-politician’s style of making commitments and then keeping him.” White is in charge of the Constellations Group, “a strategic business and partnerships development firm,” and has promised to raise $1 million along with his husband Bryan Eure.

SFGate reported that Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Committee, both of whom raised money with the RNC, had a total of $17.7 million in the second quarter. Their total is $90 million for 2018.

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And if I may be so bold to paraphrase God Emperor Reynolds:

Don’t just donate, get off your arse, pick a local candidate and volunteer for his campaign. Hell, some of you should be running for office.

Yah, it sounds better in the Latin.

While that’s good, remember – Hillary outspent Trump by a truly MASSIVE margin and still lost.

It’s all about how you spend the money you have.

Comanche Voter | July 16, 2018 at 3:43 pm

I live in coastal California; and while it’s not something I’m proud of, my neighbors have made Adam Schiff their (and unfortunately my) congress critter. So getting up off my backside and working for a local convservative candidate is sort of like spitting in the ocean. That said, I can and will make a small donation to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

I’m done with the donation business. These pols keep selling their mailing lists to get more campaign money and I’m getting dunned by every pol in the country – and not just Republicans – not to mention half the charities and not just a few mailorder businesses – and I’m on the national DNC list.

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