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Shouting You Down Week in Higher Education

Shouting You Down Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Some college students think free speech means they have a right to silence others.

It never ends.

Words and ideas must also be controlled.

Some things just can’t be allowed.

Trump on campus.

Compare and contrast.



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I love the one student’s sign: “Take back our campus!”

To which I reply, “take it back from whom?” The only people I see up on the stage are leftists, and I’ve not yet seen one instance where a group of “rightwingers” from the school brawled with these leftist agitators (though I would dearly love to).

This is simply more virtue signaling of the usual cowardly leftist kind: yell loudly about non-oppression from groups that are safe targets, while ignoring the real abuses within your own coalition.

This is going to be a very long process.
First, we have to take Congress back from the feckless RINOs. Then, we can start passing bills to start dismantling the educational racket the left set up. They will of course fight us the entire way. At some point, it would also be nice to get the state governments involved, seeing as how many of these outrages happen at land-grant institutions.