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Student Describing Himself as ‘Karl Marx’ Stabs Campus Group’s Free Speech Ball

Student Describing Himself as ‘Karl Marx’ Stabs Campus Group’s Free Speech Ball

“The suspect was led away in handcuffs”

We’ve reached the point where the left sees free speech as a bad thing. Young Americans for Liberty were circulating a ‘free speech ball’ at UC San Diego and a student who had signed his name ‘Karl Marx’ stabbed it.

The College Fix reports:

Student calling himself ‘Karl Marx’ stabs YAL’s free speech ball with knife

A student at University of California San Diego has been referred to its Office of Student Conduct after writing communist propaganda on the Young Americans for Liberty’s free speech ball — then stealthily stabbing it with a pocket knife, causing it to deflate.

The suspect was led away in handcuffs after students tracked down the bandit.

The incident happened while the pro-liberty group on Friday passed around a petition calling for the University of California to loosen its restrictions on free speech.

To help publicize their petition, they also blew up a mega-sized beach ball to allow students to write whatever they wanted on it as a way to support and promote free speech.

“I remember he took our free speech petition, hands visibly trembling, and wrote his name as Karl Marx,” said Brian Pryor, a field representative with the Leadership Institute, in an interview with The College Fix. Pryor is not a student, and was on campus to help Young Americans for Liberty with their effort.

“Then he went up to our free speech ball and kept shifting to an area where we couldn’t see him writing on it,” Pryor said. “We saw later that he wrote the Latin phrase ‘sic semper tyrannus,’ meaning ‘thus always to tyrants’—the phrase uttered by the Roman senate before killing Julius Caesar and by John Wilkes Booth before assassinating President Lincoln.”


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