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Student Group at Dartmouth Wants Punishment for Those Who Report Illegals

Student Group at Dartmouth Wants Punishment for Those Who Report Illegals

“The Action Collective”

According to these students, reporting a crime is a punishable act. Insanity.

The Daily Caller reports:

Dartmouth Student Group Demands Punishment For Students Who Report This Crime

A student group wants Dartmouth College to punish those who report illegal immigrant students, according to a poster from the group uploaded Friday.

The Action Collective, a group that campaigns on issues like diversity and inclusion, posted the flier on campus. The flier also encouraged students not to participate in Dartmouth’s annual bonfire run tradition Friday evening during the College’s homecoming.

“Prohibit and condemn hateful language and threats,” said the Action Collective in the poster. “Reporting students to immigration agencies should result in disciplinary actions.”

The statement was prefaced by the number seven, suggesting that the demand was part of a longer list made by the student group.

Dartmouth alumnus Joseph Asch uploaded a photo of the poster to, which contains posts published by Dartmouth students and alumni.

“Hateful language?” asked Asch in the post. “How is a judge to define that? Will we have a list of words, phrases and comments that will be ruled out of order?”

“And reporting someone who is guilty of breaking the law to the authorities should result in College sanctions? By all means feel free to disagree with a law and seek to change it, but don’t punish people who seek to see it enforced.”


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I’m surprised that there is anybody on the Dartmouth campus who would report an illegal, given that Dartmouth went full SJW years ago.

Q: What’s the difference between a paranoid-schizophrenic and a college SJW?

A: The paranoid-schizophrenic is more grounded in reality.