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Arrested Development Week in Higher Education

Arrested Development Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

If nothing else, the last two weeks have shown average Americans that higher education in our country is rapidly devolving into kindergarten for young adults.

The only time some students seem engaged is when they’re protesting something.

Here’s the newest campus fad.

Notice how no one is protesting for the rights of these people.

Some people have more rights than others.

And everything is a problem.


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Just a minor nit about the title of this post: “Arrested Development”.

In context, it appears that “arrested” is used to mean “stopped; prevented from proceeding”. However, if you look at the stories, another picture emerges. The development of these precious snowflakes hasn’t been “arrested”, it has regressed.

They are behaving like spoiled five-year-olds – and the so-called adults running these institutions are enabling them.

This is one of the major reasons why I have given up on the American education system in it’s entirety – from pre-K through graduate school.

Shouldn’t students who paid for classes file lawsuits for the professors not fulfilling their obligations by canceling classes?