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Columbia Suspends Men’s Wrestling Season Over Lewd Texts

Columbia Suspends Men’s Wrestling Season Over Lewd Texts

Here we go again.

We saw something similar to this just recently at Harvard, which cancelled men’s soccer. Why are these schools punishing the entire teams instead of individuals?

The New York Times reports:

Columbia Suspends Wrestling Season After Lewd and Racist Text Messages Are Revealed

Columbia University’s wrestling team, which bills itself as the nation’s oldest intercollegiate program, has had its season suspended by the university while officials investigate text messages sent by team members that included the frequent use of racist, misogynistic and homophobic terms.

On Monday, Columbia released a statement saying that the university’s athletic department “has decided that Columbia wrestlers will not compete until we have a full understanding of the facts on which to base the official response to this disturbing matter.” A university official confirmed late Monday that the team was still practicing, which raised the possibility that the season would continue once the investigation was completed.

Columbia withdrew from a meet on Sunday at Binghamton after the university announced it would have “zero tolerance in its athletics programs for the group messaging and texts sent by several members of the men’s varsity wrestling team,” messages that the university described as “appalling.” The team’s next meet is scheduled for this Sunday at the New York State championships at Cornell, but Monday’s announcement made it unclear if the team would make the trip.


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I, for one, welcome the soon-to-be-formed beta-male Columbia male wrestling team. 🙂


Just rename the whole damned shootin’ match Barnard. The feminization of higher ed continues apace.

It’s so much easier to punish a whole team instead of just the one or two jackstix who can’t seem to keep their peckers in their pants, as it confuses aim for the real targets. Guaranteed the guys on the team know who the offenders are, because the fellas can’t keep their mouths shut.

Locker room talk needs to stay in the locker room, guys. And all you in the “terminally offended” class, put yer big girl panties on and realize where this stuff belongs. You know who did it, so leave it there.

The underlying comments are bland high-school level locker-room quality tripe that, to me, signify nothing.
But, I suppose it is a great thing that “higher education”al institutions around our pussy country are working hard to stamp out such evil stuff, with the full support of our federal government.