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U. Miami Students Get Milk And Cookies to Help Deal With Trump Victory

U. Miami Students Get Milk And Cookies to Help Deal With Trump Victory

What? No Play-Doh?

It’s amazing how higher education turned into kindergarten following the election. It’s so embarrassing to see this happening in so many places.

The Miami Hurricane reports:

Students ask themselves ‘what now?’ after Election 2016

Students, faculty, religious leaders and organizers of Get Out The Vote (GOTV) gathered two nights after the shocking presidential election to ask “what now?” Attendees sat in silence drinking milk and eating cookies awaiting what moderator Ralph Paz, secretary of GOTV, had to say. Those in attendance appeared to be primarily Hillary Clinton supporters seeking solace in each other’s experiences and emotions.

“This event is not about who you voted for and why. This is to come together and discuss our diverse experiences of the 2016 election,” Paz explained.

Students were reluctant to speak out at first, but as the event went on, more and more attendees raised their hands. Students snapped, clapped and sighed in agreement as they heard from others who shared their concerns.

Of the 50 people in the room, almost all of the students raised their hands to say they were first-time voters.

A student wearing a shirt that said, “A woman’s place is in the House and the Senate,” said he felt empowered after voting for the first time. He felt that his voice was being heard. However, he felt uneducated to an extent because he did not know every item on the ballot like local races.


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The poor snowflakes, Obama is the only President they’ve ever known. Since Pre-k, they’ve been told the US government exists to give them free stuff, to take money away from greedy rich people and give it to ‘the poor’.

Never mind that in our great country the ‘poor’ have air-conditioning, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 85% of ’em have cars and smart phones, nobody is without running water…

What we can do to help- How about grabbing those block grants to the States that Mr. Trump is promising, remake colleges and universities by providing a balanced curriculum, tenure-track positions to some conservatives, and go back to discussion and debate instead of safe spaces and ad hominem attacks. Sure it might take a generation, but that’s how long the Alinsky devotees were willing to give it and look where they got. Let me know what I can do to help…