Suggesting that an election is worse than 9/11 is offensive and outrageous. Kicking a student out of your class for disagreeing with you about this is worse.

The College Fix reports:

Student kicked out of class for disagreeing that Trump election was as bad as 9/11

When Republican Donald Trump was elected president last week, the intelligent, determined young women of Converse College – along with their esteemed instructors – lost their minds.

They posted video of themselves crying on Snapchat. They walked around campus in tears, and the administration set up “safe zones” where students weren’t allowed to discuss the election results.

One of my professors pushed back a midterm “given recent upsetting events,” and students planned to organize “silent protests” on Thursday.

If this sounds like the typical college reaction to Trump’s victory, there’s a twist: Converse is a women’s liberal arts college.

From President Krista Newkirk on down, the Converse community invested a huge part of its identity in Democrat Hillary Clinton shattering the last remaining glass ceiling in America.

The only acceptable sentiments to express since Wednesday have been grief and outrage. Feelings are so raw that the few contrarians on campus have become targets.

One student even claims she got kicked out of class after she challenged her professor’s comparison of Trump’s election to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Before she was ejected from class by her professor, the student wrote a Facebook post scolding those who were “comparing 11/9 to 9/11”:

You are comparing today to a day that killed thousands of people in MY HOME. You are disrespectful, you are unintelligent and you should think before you post things on social media. I am disgusted.

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