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Glenn Reynolds: Colleges Are Excluding Students Who Supported Trump

Glenn Reynolds: Colleges Are Excluding Students Who Supported Trump

“It’s not promoting diversity, it’s enforcing uniformity.”

Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has written a new column for USA Today in which he makes an excellent point. Colleges that claim to be inclusive are excluding students who supported Trump in their post-election meltdowns.

From the column:

‘Tolerant’ educators exile Trump voters from campus

One of the more amusing bits of fallout from last week’s election has been the safe-space response of many colleges and universities to the election of the “wrong” candidate. But on closer examination, this response isn’t really amusing. In fact, it’s downright mean.

Trump’s substantial victory, when most progressives expected a Hillary landslide, came as a shock to many. That shock seems to have been multiplied in academe, where few people seem to know any Trump supporters — or, at least, any Trump supporters who’ll admit to it…

But when you treat an election in which the “wrong” candidate wins as a traumatic event on a par with the 9/11 attacks, calling for counseling and safe spaces, you’re implicitly saying that everyone who supported that “wrong” candidate is, well, unsafe. Despite the talk about diversity and inclusion, this is really sending the signal that people who supported Trump — and Trump carried the state of Michigan, so there are probably quite a few on campus — aren’t really included in acceptable campus culture. It’s not promoting diversity, it’s enforcing uniformity.

Read the whole thing.

If nothing else, this election has alerted many more Americans to the current climate on college campuses.


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