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No, Rubio Did Not Support Cap and Trade

No, Rubio Did Not Support Cap and Trade

Old Rubio attack ad resurfaces, is promptly debunked — again

Wednesday morning, an abbreviated interview from Marco Rubio’s time as Speaker of Florida’s House mysteriously surfaced and began bouncing its merry way through the political corners of the internet.

Judging solely on the content of the 2008 clip (which cuts off Rubio mid-sentence) the viewer is led to believe that way back in the day, Rubio advocated for carbon taxes and cap and trade. Basically, Al Gore, Jr.

First the clip:

It concludes with Rubio saying, “I am in favor of giving the Department of Environmental Protection a mandate that they go out and design a cap and trade or a carbon tax program, and bring it back to the legislature for ratification some time in the next…” and that’s where we’re left hanging.

There’s just one teency weency problem though — that’s not what Rubio said, at least not entirely.

Immediately following the end of the selectively edited (to borrow a phrase from our progressive friends) video clip, Rubio says:

“I am in favor of them [Department of Environmental Protection] designing it, I’m not in favor of them designing it and implementing it. I’m in favor of them designing it and then bringing it back to the legislature.” He goes on to say, “The way we’re going to clean up our environment, the way we’re going to lower carbon emissions is not through government mandates, it’s through the American innovator. And that’s what anything we do should be based upon. Not government mandates like they do in Europe and California.”

From what rank basement was this latest wanna-be hit job dusted off and let to roam free? That would be the one containing old Charlie Crist attack ads:

Rubio’s remarks in their complete, unedited, nothingburgerness can be viewed here.

In an op-ed published in the Miami Herald, penned by Marco Rubio in July of 2007, Rubio criticized Crist’s proposed energy mandates saying, “the government mandates he has proposed will not only fail to achieve their desired result, they carry actual negative consequences.”

As an alternative to mandates, Rubio proposed tax incentives. Those incentives were passed by Florida’s house and vetoed by then Gov. Crist. “The potential to integrate greener approaches into the fabric of Florida’s economy is unlimited, but we must be willing to embrace the free-market approach – not European-style big government mandates,” Rubio wrote.

Floridians who were involved in the fight against cap and trade at the time provide further context.

Like this tweet from 2010:

Or this:

This too:

And also this little story:

Recycled Cap and Trade Attack Rating: LAME and a half.

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You know who else likes Cap and Trade? Mitt Romney!

Anyway, issue is moot. Gang of Eight is all anyone needs to know about Rubio.

Reading the full quote, its weasel words.

Oh okay. Whew!

So now we can support Jeb Bush’s shadow and the GOPe handlers!

Henry Hawkins | January 13, 2016 at 3:57 pm

Whew. Close one. That might have cost Rubio the nomination.

    Not to worry, Rush just declared Rubio dead and buried now and forever. After all, Nikki killed Rubio’s campaign. At least according the Trump’s biggest sycophant.

I wonder how many other ‘GOPe’ candidates have given millions of dollars to the Clintons?

So is Rubio against cap and trade the same way he was against Amnesty ?? Rubio is a loser. Not surprising the GOPe types love him.

Kemberlee Kaye. I was getting a little worried that you were a shill for one or another of the candidates. Obviously, I was wrong. You are just trying to ensure the truth gets out.

I look forward to your prompt rebuttal of anti Trump, Cruz, Bush, Christie, etal. propaganda.

Rubio is innocent of this hogwash. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t cap and trade that is poisoning his pill to the electorate. It’s getting rolled by Schumer and continuing to provide glimpses into his pro-illegal-alien core beliefs that is keeping him anchored. It’s a shame, as he’s an ideal candidate with his looks and passion and topic mastery. His Achilles heel is more like a club foot.

These clips you so eagerly post — they were from the time period when Rubio was repeatedly lying to voters and saying he would oppose Amnesty, right?

And just before Rubio started working for Chuck Schumer (D) and lying to everyone by fraudulently trying to pass their Amnesty bill off as a security measure, right?

I just want to confirm the timing.

Also, isn’t that the same Rick Wilson who said and I quote “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump”? Seems like a nice objective source you splattered all over the page without any context.

    Ragspierre in reply to DaMav. | January 13, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    I dunno…Florida politics being what they are…but I think it was about the time that Duh Donald was spreading money around to try to get the state to change the law so he could build a casino. Which he FAILED to do.

    Which HE lied about in the debate when it came up with Jeb!, while we’re confirming timing and lies and things…

[Rubio] goes on to say, “The way we’re going to clean up our environment, the way we’re going to lower carbon emissions …

Rubio thinks carbon is a pollutant? That’s enough reason to avoid him.

Rubio bought right into the global warming narrative of the Democrats as if nothing could be done to rectify it then rationalized a bi-partisan bill.

I call that rolling in the path of the ‘possible.’

It’s a bs cop out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So Rubio flip-flopped on Cap and Trade – he was for it before he was “agin it.”

Worse, his language exposes his Warmist bias. For him to ever believe that life-giving CO2 is harmful to this planet means that he listens to the climate fakers and that is sad, sad, sad.

Buh-bye Marco. See-yah in the Senate where you can continue to rev-up the ill-gotten power of the EPA.