The man who garnered national attention by making himself Obamacare’s arch nemesis is enrolling in the dastardly program one day into his presidential campaign.

Previously covered by his wife’s cadillac Goldman Sach’s healthcare plan, Heidi Cruz’s departure from the investment behemoth means the Cruz’s will be looking to the exchange for their health insurance needs.

Evidently, this is a story.

“Man who hates Obamacare to enroll in Obamacare!!!!” “Hahahaha, it’s sooooo ironic Cruz is like, enrolling in Obamacare!” “Cruz is enrolling in Obamacare?! What a hypocrite!”

Who knew abiding by the the law was such a novel accomplishment that it warranted ink from every major news outlet? But that’s what happened.

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“Man who hates mattress tag, leaves tag on mattress!” or “He said he wants to abolish the IRS, but he PAID HIS TAXES” or even, “He said he’s opposed to government intervention in the lives of individuals, but he waited at the crosswalk until the sign flashed ‘walk’!” are all as newsworthy as the “Ted Cruz to enroll in Obamacare” story.

Yet here we are. With our second lame Cruz ‘gotcha’ non-story.

But there’s another thing to consider here, too.

Congress gets their health insurance from the exchanges. All Republican Senators are enrolled in a healthcare plan either on the federal or D.C. exchange. Why would Senator Cruz not follow suit? Furthermore, Cruz’s Hill staff, like the staff of every other Republican Senator, are covered by a D.C. exchange plan. It would be rather tacky for the junior Senator to find health insurance anywhere else while his staff is stuck with the exchange.

There are many things you could rightly criticize Senator Cruz for, but his enrolling in Obamacare isn’t one.

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