I’m leaving Friday for a two week Apology Tour to Israel. I will deliver the speech referenced in the link, possibly.

I hope I don’t violate the Logan Act.

I’ll start in Haifa and northern Israel, where I’ll be a guest at the University of Haifa Law School and will travel up the coast and then to towns and places of interest along the Lebanese border. After that it’s down to Tel Aviv, then to the South along the coast to Sderot, and the areas bordering Gaza. After a visit with faculty at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, it’s to Jerusalem, where I’ll be staying in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Along the way, I’ll focus on meeting people, not just visiting places. Among others, I’ll visit with the families of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, killed in the terrorist bombing by Rasmea Odeh of the SuperSol Supermarket in Jerusalem in 1969. I’ll also see many of the bloggers we link to, and many others with whom I’ve become acquainted online over the past couple of years.

Building relationships and strengthening ties is what The Apology Tour is all about. It’s not actually about the apology.

As I did in 2013, I’ll be posting at Legal Insurrection about some of the places and people I’ll meet, but I’ll also do shorter, less formal daily updates at Morning Insurrection, so be sure to subscribe.

What can you expect from my reports?

Imagine yourself as my neighbor. You come over to my house to borrow a cup of sugar.

But before I give you the sugar, I make you sit down for my slide show of vacation photos, like these from 2013:

Oh, you can leave without watching my slides.

But you can’t take the sugar with you if you do.


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