Today, I had the great pleasure to meet three of the Israeli bloggers we link to and write about, on my road to Jerusalem.

We took the ride from Tel Aviv to Petah Tikva, one of the earliest Jewish towns, where we met Anne from … (take a guess).  Anne lives on a nice, quiet street.

Petah Tikva Israel

(Petah Tikva, Israel)

We lunched at a nice restaurant near the Intel center in Petah Tikva:

William A Jacobson and Anne In Petah Tikva

(Me and Anne in Petah Tikva)

We then headed on the road to Jerusalem, stopping in to see Adam Levick of CiF Watch, a blog devoted to taking The Guardian newspaper to task for its frequently distorted coverage of Israel.

Adam Lives in Modi’in, a relative new residential complex about 20 minutes from Jerusalem:

Modi'in Israel

(Modi’in Israel)

We shared coffee and stories with our wives at the nearby shopping mall:

William A. Jacobson and Adam Levick

Me and Adam Levick

Finally, we arrive in Jerusalem in the early evening, in enough time to have dinner with Aussie Dave and his wife from Israelly Cool.

We walked from the Mamilla Hotel where we are staying, which is on the edge of the Old City Walls.  Approaching the Old City remains magical:

Jerusalem Old City Wall

(Old City Wall – Jerusalem)

We walked through the Armenian and then the Jewish Quarters, where we took this photo:

William A. Jacobson and Aussie Dave Old City Jerusalem

(me and Aussie Dave)

and then on to the Western Wall, always an emotional an experience:

Western Wall Jerusalem

(Western Wall – Jerusalem)

Jerusalem Western Wall

(Western Wall – Jerusalem)



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