The Saturday Night Card Game has a long and storied history at Legal Insurrection.

It started on October 8, 2009, in reaction to a post by Oliver Willis (blogging in his individual, not — ahem — Media Matters capacity), wherein he said:

Saturday Night Card Game First Post

That was the first of over 200 Saturday Night Card Game posts — almost every Saturday Night for over 5 years.

There’s no “best of” list, but here are just a few that I remember:

I’ll stop there, there are just too many.

The last post we did was way, way back on September 20, 2014: Civil rights activists: Django Unchained actress should apologize for playing race card. (See Featured Image.)

Since then, quiet.

I’m suffering from a localized form of the dreaded blogger burnout — localized to dealing with the endless idiotic and malicious uses of race either as a political weapon or just because.

I’m taking a temporary break from the Saturday Night Card Game. For my sanity.