Image 01 Image 03 got a Confederate fever, and the only prescription, is more Confederate got a Confederate fever, and the only prescription, is more Confederate

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When it comes to, I’ve always wondered if they really believe all their outlandish accusations of Tea Party and Republican racism, or it’s just the niche they’ve carved out and click bait.  Look at me, I’m not, I’m

Whether it’s David Sirota’s rants about hoping the Boston Bombers were White Americans, Salon energizing its White Privilege Branding over the Zimmerman trial, or Joan Walsh writing that the “shutdown” (more like a scale back) is the culmination of 50 years of GOP race-baiting, do they actually believe what they write?

When it comes to the “shutdown” Salon has caught a Confederate fever, and the only prescription, is more Confederate.

Salon has several lead articles in recent days arguing that the Tea Party in general and the “shutdown” in particular are the fulfillment White racist Confederate dreams.

By, um, Rafael Edward Cruz?  They never quite address that problem in their argument.

Salon is not alone in raising the alleged rise of the Confederacy to demonize the Tea Party, but Salon has taken it to an obsessive level, once again.

This would all be laughable, if it weren’t so poisonous to the national political dialogue, and if so many liberals didn’t actually believe this nonsense and treat it as an absolute truth (just read the comments there).

(click each image for link to article, or not): Tea Party Avenging surrender of the South GOP confederate fantasies Neoconfederate Insurrectionists

(btw, the “ex-GOP insider” was just an ex-staffer who has been attacking Republicans for years) Deluded Secessionists Tea Party Newest Right Republican Party of Dixie

Update: Although not Confederate related, this recent post at Salon had people scratching their Twitter keyboards wondering if it was parody or the author was being serious. That’s the thing, with Salon it’s so hard to tell: Legend Zelda

In all seriousness, does Salon realize how this nonsense is damaging its brand? Does it care?


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One problem with their theory – the Confederates were Democrats.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to myiq2xu. | October 12, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    They were also against runaway Federalism and the central government exerting undue influence over “the several states” who formed said central government.

    janitor in reply to myiq2xu. | October 12, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Another problem with the theory — a lot of us Tea Partiers are born and bred westerners and northerners.

This isn’t “poisonous to the national political dialogue”.

This is going beyond the threshold of partisan propaganda and hyperbole to the dark region of pre-genocide conditioning.

The kind perpetuated by the media and intelligentsia in the Third Reich, Serbia and Rwanda.

Something MUST be done to exact an apology and retraction from Forget protesting and marching in DC. Conservatives and their allies should be directing their efforts at destroying these harbingers of genocide.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Aucturian. | October 12, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Ignore them. They have their captive echo-chamber audience.

    Spoiled children, narcissistic Lefties and Progressives can stand anything except being ignored.

    If the average Low Information (i.e. ‘Obama’) Voter can’t tell you who the vice-president is, how many states are in the USA or what temperature scales uses ‘Fahrenheit’, do you honestly think they know what crap Salon is spewing. To most LIVs, “Salon” is where they get their nails and hair done with the money they scam off their EBT cards.

We need to recognize the very urgent NEED to create an effective Anti-Defamation League that will monitor, challenge and, when necessary, sue the web publications and news networks that are orchestrating these media pogroms.

Richard Aubrey | October 12, 2013 at 7:16 pm

Seems to me there are two issues. One is whether these clowns believe themselves. Maybe they don’t but figure there’s somebody out there who might.
The other issue is whether anybody else buys this nonsense.
I suppose some do, but they already did. Not likely to sound like a “GREAT THOUGHT” to anybody else.

Let them write their trifle. The truth shall set us free, eventually.

I’ll believe it when I see someone at at Tea Party rally wearing a tee shirt with a picture of Grand Kelgal Robert Byrd.

Leaving ethics out of the assessment:

Somehow minorities have been alienated from the GOP. Even the Asian-American vote, which I’d expect to be a natural conservative constituency (for example, AAs are impaired by affirmative action even more than whites are), voted for Obama by 3-to-1 in 2012.

The football talking heads say that if a play works, keep doing it until the opposition finds a way to stop it. The Democrats get it (more or less)); the people who squandered the Reagan legacy didn’t/don’t.

They are racist themselves, and they need to imagine that their political enemies are ever-so-much-more-racist than they are.

I moved from Houston to Washington, DC about the time Michelle Obama moved from Chicago to Princeton. I went from a place of rowdy acceptance of all comers to a place of quiet, polite bigotry. Yeah, me and Michelle, we both saw it.

Michelle Obama remarked that it seemed to her the more “Liberal” a person was, the more silently prejudiced they were. She also noticed that the people closest to her (Rev. Wright?) also discouraged her, and told her all about how all whites would be against her. Instead, she found no institutional racism, and ascribed it to personal discomfort.

The prejudice the editors of Salon smell is real, but they are smelling themselves, not the TEA Parties.

$2.4 trillion in receipts. Around $1 trillion deficit. Obama needs to explain where that money was spent. The Constitution sets a priority for debt service. So, there is no risk of default.

The casualties of deficits and debt are labor and capital. Since the $17 trillion debt is not backed by economic development in the present, and does not represent a reasonable expectation of growth in the future, the stubborn emission of fiat currency causes a progressive devaluation of each. Even worse, the consequences of this liberal behavior are not constrained to America or Americans.

The Republicans should stand their ground against increasing the debt limit. They have repeatedly deferred to Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke’s better judgment without evidence of accountability from these leaders. This is not the first time that Obama has threatened granny’s retirement and the children’s lunches. Obama has demonstrated a firm conviction to form consensus through coercion.

Why do the Democrats oppose planned government? Why do the Democrats oppose a citizen’s right to choose?

Obamacare suffers from a common congenital defect. It’s a clump of policies which is internally, externally, and mutually inconsistent. It is a revenue generation scheme masquerading as health care reform. For its stated purpose, it is inviable and it is a burden. For its unstated purpose, it will preserve the status quo which is a progressive fleecing of Americans. Dismember it. Vacuum it. Flush it. The clump of policies known as Obamacare. Not the clump of cells known as Barack, Harry, Pelosi, etc.

Obama prefers hatchet jobs, but scalpels in clinics. Reid opposes democracy, but individual choice in sacrificial rites. Pelosi pays lip service to liberty, but demands our submission. The party of Asses is well represented.

I would advise people that Obamacare should be run as a trial on a smaller scale. Economic development occurs on a local or regional scale. Providing an entitlement which is not backed by the productivity of its recipients, other than with an explicit and minority exception, will sponsor corruption.

I would suggest that Obamacare be implemented in Detroit. If it is capable of spurring economic development and constraining corruption, then it may be considered for implementation on a larger scale. If it fails in Detroit, then that would be good evidence that its policies are not sound, and it is unsuitable for general use.

Our country’s shame is having a leader who will not rebuke the press for their persistent exaggeration against a group who is exercising their right to free speech. Not once have they done anything wrong…not once. Instead, this so-called leader throws fuel on the fire of hatred and gleefully gloats at the result he produces. The press, instead of taking Obama to task, are in the bucket brigade, taking fuel from him to throw on the wrath of the left to keep them as hot as possible. They are all despicable.

the tea party radicalism one (next to last) is not linked Prof.
if you get a chance would you please fix it?

Actually, I have to agree with the liberals on this one, at least partially. There are a large number of us down here that would love to have our freedom restored and think that it was taken in 1865. But as to racist? I think not. That mantra is the stuff of the north. They have been racist from day one. Blacks in the South were able to obtain their freedom and purchase slaves, which many did, especially in my area of Louisiana (they were the predominant slave holders. Blacks were allowed to live in the South with few restrictions. In the north, they had to be out of any given state in 30 days and they did not enjoy and sort of freedom.

Note that I used to live down from the KKK headquarters in my area. They were nuts, but they also flew the American flag, not the Confederate.

Henry Hawkins | October 12, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Is Salon merely click baiting? I dunno…. do any blogs or twitterers post and tweet about them, including links?

[…] William Jacobson has a round-up of recent headlines that you should see. […]

Look, it’s a very simple solution. These people are morons and cowards, some unfortunately are misled. It is the misled that have a chance of being set straight. PUSH BACK, it doesn’t take much to decimate their illogical reasoning. Until we learn to push back and demand that our elected representative stand up for us when elected Democrats do it we will not get anywhere.

The latter is vitally important. I will not vote for a “conservative” that isn’t doing his job and pushing back against the vile, hateful rhetoric of the Harry Reids of this world. Why should I?

As for my friends on Facebook that has tried that in the past they are either gone, publicly humiliated or both. But you have to be careful here, pick your battles. There is disagreement and there is hateful rhetoric. Teabagger is a perfect example, most of these idiots will shy away from being admonished once you take them to task for using a sexual slur against you. Remind them forcefully that they are talking about people that defend this country, moms, children, whatever. In other words, turn the tables. It’s amazing how fast these people retreat when challenged.

You have to be A.) resolute, B.) Genuinely insulted and C.) Have the facts on your side. Don’t stand for this crap anymore.