When it comes to Salon.com, I’ve always wondered if they really believe all their outlandish accusations of Tea Party and Republican racism, or it’s just the niche they’ve carved out and click bait.  Look at me, I’m not Slate.com, I’m Salon.com.

Whether it’s David Sirota’s rants about hoping the Boston Bombers were White Americans, Salon energizing its White Privilege Branding over the Zimmerman trial, or Joan Walsh writing that the “shutdown” (more like a scale back) is the culmination of 50 years of GOP race-baiting, do they actually believe what they write?

When it comes to the “shutdown” Salon has caught a Confederate fever, and the only prescription, is more Confederate.

Salon has several lead articles in recent days arguing that the Tea Party in general and the “shutdown” in particular are the fulfillment White racist Confederate dreams.

By, um, Rafael Edward Cruz?  They never quite address that problem in their argument.

Salon is not alone in raising the alleged rise of the Confederacy to demonize the Tea Party, but Salon has taken it to an obsessive level, once again.

This would all be laughable, if it weren’t so poisonous to the national political dialogue, and if so many liberals didn’t actually believe this nonsense and treat it as an absolute truth (just read the comments there).

(click each image for link to article, or not):

Salon.com Tea Party Avenging surrender of the South

Salon.com GOP confederate fantasies

Salon.com Neoconfederate Insurrectionists

(btw, the “ex-GOP insider” was just an ex-staffer who has been attacking Republicans for years)

Salon.com Deluded Secessionists

Salon.com Tea Party Newest Right

Salon.com Republican Party of Dixie

Update: Although not Confederate related, this recent post at Salon had people scratching their Twitter keyboards wondering if it was parody or the author was being serious. That’s the thing, with Salon it’s so hard to tell:

Salon.com Legend Zelda

In all seriousness, does Salon realize how this nonsense is damaging its brand? Does it care?


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