We have noted before the tensions between white liberal feminists and non-white liberal feminists.

Sometimes it breaks out into a Twitter War, as it did when #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag unleashed bitter intra-feminist racial grievances.

Or when Joan Walsh of Salon.com got into a twitter war with some ladies who did not like Walsh’s condescending “professional left” attitude towards women of color, Dem Base Fractures Into Twitter War And Charges Of Racism Against Professional Left.

This past week, for reasons unknown to me, the eruption used the hashtag #WhiteWomanPrivilege.

It was like Festivus, the airing of grievances:

There was not enough popcorn growing in the States of Iowa and Nebraska combined to cover this outbreak of intra-feminist racial greivances.

Here are some of my favorites, but by all means scroll through the hashtag — but don’t get any butter on the couch please:

Of course, when these wars break out, some conservative trolls just can’t help themselves:

And of course, someone has to drag Elizabeth Warren into it:

Twitter White Woman Privilege Indian Head Dress


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