Remember Microaggression Mania: McGill U. student leader apologizes for .gif of Obama kicking open door?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Microaggression is a prime example of how the wackiest academic theories incubate and then hatch into society when the students subjected to years of indoctrination graduate.

And it’s coming to a campus and workplace near you, very soon, as The NY Times reports, Students See Many Slights as Racial ‘Microaggressions’:

On a Facebook page called “Brown University Micro/Aggressions” a “dark-skinned black person” describes feeling alienated from conversations about racism on campus. A digital photo project run by a Fordham University student about “racial microaggressions” features minority students holding up signs with comments like “You’re really pretty … for a dark-skin girl.” The “St. Olaf Microaggressions” blog includes a letter asking David R. Anderson, the college’s president, to address “all of the incidents and microaggressions that go unreported on a daily basis.”

What is less clear is how much is truly aggressive and how much is pretty micro — whether the issues raised are a useful way of bringing to light often elusive slights in a world where overt prejudice is seldom tolerated, or a new form of divisive hypersensitivity, in which casual remarks are blown out of proportion.

Time Magazine has practically declared this to be Year of the Microaggression, ‘Microaggression’ Is the New Racism on Campus:

Think everyday, interpersonal racism is a thing of the past? In progressive politics, most of the action has moved on from the Civil Rights struggles of the past to a focus on societal or “structural” racism. But, wait, not so fast — there’s a new word on the street that the old-style social racism is still with us, 24/7. That word is: microaggression. And you’re about to start hearing it everywhere….

Here’s what they are: The concept of microaggression has leapt from the shadows of academic writing into the bright light of general conversation, especially in the wake of widely consulted work by professors Derald Wing Sue and Madonna Constantine over the last seven or so years. Microaggressions, as these academics describe them, are quiet, often unintended slights — racist or sexist — that make a person feel underestimated on the basis of their color or gender.

The idea is that whites should now watch out for being microaggressors, in the same way that they learned long ago not to be racist in more overt ways.

Buzzfeed has both racial and LGBT listicles of microagressions.

Even adoptive families are feeling the cold sting of microaggression, Casual Remarks That Hurt: Microaggression and Adoptive Families.

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates (of Obama Beer Summit fame) argues that white people also should be able to complain about microagressions directed at them:

Henry Louis Gates Jr., the Harvard professor and author, said the public airing of racial microaggressions should not be limited to minorities, but should be open to whites as well. “That’s the only way that you can produce a multicultural, ethnically diverse environment,” he said.

Enough already!

I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t listen to Dave Chappelle make fun of white people (language warning) for fear of him being accused of microaggression.

Or people making fun of how “white people talk”:

And somehow, I’ll get over this video:

What a whiney, hyper-sensitive, thin-skinned nation we have become.

Get over it.


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