More in the series of videos by Progressives Today of the 2014 White Privilege Conference held in Madison, WI:

In Part 3 of the video series, the targeting of elementary schools is discussed:

Why do I call it the White Privilege Industrial Complex?

Because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of academics, activists, conference organizers, and “journalists” whose livelihoods depend upon identifying racism as the central organizing theme of society.  As I wrote when we covered the 2010 White Privilege Conference:

It is impossible to disprove “white privilege” because the concept does not rely on proof of discrimination in a particular situation. The absence of proof is proof.

And the concept, as most twisted concepts, starts from a kernel of truth. There is racism in society, as much as we may try to stamp it out. It’s where one takes that kernel of truth, in a series of “therefores,” which ends up with the caricature that is the White Privilege Conference.

As with any industrial complex, it needs a continuous flow of new feedstock.  Hence, they are pushing it down into elementary schools.

We were onto this scam long before the current video series.

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