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Longtime Tennessee Democrat state representative John DeBerry, Jr. gave an impassioned speech earlier this month on the floor of the Tennessee Senate. DeBerry, who recalls marching with his father and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shared his experiences with peaceful Civil Rights-era protests and expressed his outrage that today's violent riots are being hailed as a continuation of those carried out in the 60's.

I was going to write something profound and deep tonight about the takedown of Legal Insurrection's YouTube account after the Modern Language Association filed three (3) copyright claims with YouTube relating to my coverage of the arguments made at an MLA annual meeting town hall in favor and against the academic boycott of Israel. *Perhaps* it was total *coincidence* that three (3) claims were filed considering that YouTube has a well-known three strikes rule -- three claims and they may remove your channel and account. Which is what happened even before I knew there was a copyright claim by MLA (it never contacted us). *Eventually* we'll find out *why* three (3) claims were filed. I sure hope people are not deleting emails, that would look really bad.

I confess, I wasn't aware of this Jonathan Pie person prior to this video, but it's a keeper. Pie, a faux news reporter played by Tom Walker, is shown in what appears to be a "hot mic" type moment prior, apparently, to going on to do his serious news reporting.  This is the guy's angle for his biting and insightful political satire, and he's good at it. His latest gem is making the internet rounds and for good reason.  He rails against the left, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, SJW's, and he manages to say everything we've been saying here for months. Calling us "deplorables," racists, fascists, Islamaphobes, and whatever else was not going to win Hillary any votes, and it sure wasn't going to make us sit down and shut up.

The newest video offering from Prager University features talk host Larry Elder talking about fathers and fatherhood just in time for Father's Day. Elder looks at how government programs intended to end poverty have affected the black community and encouraged men to abandon their moral and financial obligations as fathers. Using real statistics and evidence, Elder makes a compelling case for the importance of fathers and the role they play in the lives of boys and young men.

Dan Joseph of MRCTV has released a new video which is as maddening as it is humorous. Joseph interviews a bunch of people and asks them to list the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and almost everyone struggles to name them. Here's the best part, he's interviewing people who have just come out of the National Archive Building in Washington, DC which, you know, houses the original Bill of Rights. From the MRCTV blog:
The First Amendment is the foundation on which our entire nation was built. Without it, America as we know it would cease to exist. So, you would think that Americans would be able to name at least a few of the basic rights guaranteed by the most important section of the Bill of Rights. Well, think again! In our latest video, MRCTV proves that many Americans have an incredibly limited knowledge of the First Amendment - and some people actually don't have any.

The former first lady's situation seems to worsen by the day. First it was revealed that Hillary had a private email account for the duration of her tenure as Secretary of State. Then it was discovered that her private email account was run through servers reportedly in her home. And no one in Obama's administration seemed to have been aware that Mrs. Clinton was operating an extra-governmental account. Or at least that's the current story. When asked if they could prove with certitude that no classified information was exchanged via Hillary's private email, the State Department replied, "that's not a pertinent question." Late last week, the State Department changed their story saying it was up to each Secretary to determine what was relevant and then submit that information back to the DOS for record keeping. Email problems aren't the only obstacle the Clinton's must overcome ahead of a 2016 Presidential run. Former President Bill Clinton came out in defense of the Clinton Foundation yesterday, an organization that accepted donations from foreign governments like Saudi Arabia while Hillary served as Secretary of State. "I believe we've done more good than harm," President Clinton said. Rewind to 2011. February 15, 2011, then Secretary Clinton spoke about Internet Freedom at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. 2011 Hillary made a great case for why 2015 Hillary should disclose her emails to the public. Take a look:

This video has been making the rounds on Reddit and stacking up tons of positive comments. The narrator takes you through Russian history explaining how geography helped define the nation politically. Zach Noble of The Blaze provides a description:
‘Russia in a Nutshell’: Learn the Real Reasons Why Russia Is So Big — And So Brutal Geography determines destiny — so goes the historian’s saying. Does Russia’s geography explain the nation’s history of bloodshed, overbearing government, secret police and poverty — and does it explain why Vladimir Putin is such a bellicose president? In a video published on YouTube earlier this year, geopolitical guru Caspian Report took a look at Russia’s history and geography and made the essential connections: Occupying a vast, flat land without significant mountains or seas to serve as natural barriers, the Russian people were forced to become brutal and bureaucratic in order to survive. After throwing off Mongol and Tatar domination in the first half of the last millennium, Russia’s rulers found themselves in a “conquer or be conquered” situation, Caspian Report noted. Seeking security, Russia’s czars led their people on a massive quest to expand, taking over lands to the south, west and especially east. They could not keep invaders from attacking, but by taking over huge swathes of territory, Russia’s rulers could ensure that Russia always had a “backup plan” to fall back on — and that plan proved invaluable when Napoleon and Hitler came rampaging through.
Anyone with an interest in history will find this entertaining and informative: The message in the video may explain some recent developments in Russia.

Remember when Vice President Joe Biden stupidly told people to fend off intruders by firing a shotgun into the air? This is worse. I'm not a lawyer or a gun owner but as I watched this for the first time, I couldn't help but wonder how many laws the boy in the video was breaking. Yehuda Remer of Truth Revolt names a few:
New Anti-Gun PSA Advocates Breaking The Law A new PSA created by director Rejina Sincic shows her irrational fear of firearms in a disturbing new video. The video shows a boy stealing his mother’s handgun from her dresser, places it in a backpack, brings it to school, and at the end of class gives it to his teacher saying, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.” Bearing Arms writes that the video is “advocating that teens commits multiple felonies—several of which could lead to injury or death through negligent discharge of the weapon.” What Sincic fails to point out as she advocates for this kind of behavior is the multiple felonies that the boy breaks. “[S]uch an act would result in the boy facing numerous felony charges (exact charges depend on state laws) possibly including weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, carrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing,” writes Bearing Arms.
Watch it below: It's obvious that the people behind this video have no understanding of gun laws or safety protocols.

If you've ever read my blog, you may know that I'm a big fan of Bill Whittle and his series of Afterburner videos from PJ Media. In his newest video, titled Time to Go, Bill looks at Mitch McConnell and John Boehner with an eye to...