I confess, I wasn’t aware of this Jonathan Pie person prior to this video, but it’s a keeper.

Pie, a faux news reporter played by Tom Walker, is shown in what appears to be a “hot mic” type moment prior, apparently, to going on to do his serious news reporting.  This is the guy’s angle for his biting and insightful political satire, and he’s good at it.

His latest gem is making the internet rounds and for good reason.  He rails against the left, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, SJW’s, and he manages to say everything we’ve been saying here for months.

Calling us “deplorables,” racists, fascists, Islamaphobes, and whatever else was not going to win Hillary any votes, and it sure wasn’t going to make us sit down and shut up.

Pie also has some choice words for the precious progressive snowflakes who are perpetually offended and begging for safe spaces in which to hide from divergent opinions.

It’s worth watching.  Twice.

[Warning: NSFW]


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