At this point, I feel sorry for Department of State spokeswoman Marie Harf. She’s always in way over her head.

Harf’s latest mess comes to us from a press conference held earlier today. Reporters asked if the Department of State could say with certitude that Clinton’s private email was never used to share classified information. DOS’s response? “It’s not really a pertinent question.”

“Do you have anything further on whether there’s going to be any kind of comprehensive review on the contents of these emails or how it is you’ve reached the decision that there is no classified information included?” asks a reporter.

“Well, obviously, and part of this is coming up because three hundred of her emails were provided to the Select Committee. Somebody obviously had to go through all fifty-five thousand pages and determine if there was anything that was deemed responsive to the Select Committee’s request. So that process for that request was undertaken. If other requests come through in the future, they will be gone through as well to see if there’s anything responsive and appropriate to be provided. She and her team has said it was not used for anything but unclassified work. You know, we don’t undergo scans of everyone’s unclassified email to make sure they’re only doing unclassified work. So I think there was any indication she was doing anything but here, so I don’t think it’s really a pertinent question,” Harf replied.

Meanwhile, the “House Select Committee on Benghazi will issue subpoenas today for emails Hillary Clinton sent regarding the U.S. consulate attack while she served as secretary of state,” the Daily Beast reports.

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