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Lara Trump claimed Facebook removed a video of her interviewing President Donald Trump, her father-in-law, from her show The Right View. Trump posted two emails supposedly from a Facebook employee alerting her about the moves taken in response to her interview.

Someone, please tell President Joe Biden it's not true that if you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the truth. In his address on Thursday night, Biden once again took credit for the COVID vaccine and did not mention President Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed. Biden also did not mention that his administration is working off contracts from Trump's administration.

Yet another report with many storylines about the Lincoln Project has hit the Internet. The most explosive part is the founders knowing about John Weaver's alleged predatory behavior much earlier than was previously reported. They soldiered on with him anyway, including offering him a partnership in a new media venture just before the 2020 election.

Over the last four years, countless anti-Trump stories in the news relied on anonymous sources. The term 'according to sources' has become a punchline, and people in media are the only ones who don't get the joke. They used this dishonest tactic to push the debunked Steele dossier, the Russia collusion lie, and more. Now they are doing the same thing with the Capitol story.