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Mar-a-Lago Raid: Swimming in a Sea of Anti-Trump Media ‘Bombshell’ Hype, Again

Mar-a-Lago Raid: Swimming in a Sea of Anti-Trump Media ‘Bombshell’ Hype, Again

This is a replay of the Russia Collusion hysteria, where media competed with one another for “scoops” to generate clicks and social media sociopaths competed for Twitter followers.

It’s deja vu all over again.

The mainstream media and well-credentialed social media lunatics particularly on Twitter, have so many bombshells. Too many to count. Trump stole the names of undercover US spies operating abroad, he has nuclear secrets he’s trying to peddle to the Saudis (somehow related to a loan to Jared), Trump’s lawyers lied to the feds, Trump sold nuclear secrets, and on and on and on. About the only report that sounds plausible is that Trump was in a rush to exit the White House and had staff throw stuff into boxes in a hurry:

When it finally dawned on Donald Trump in the twilight of his presidency that he wouldn’t be living at the White House for another four years, he had a problem: He had barely packed and had to move out quickly.

West Wing aides and government movers frantically tossed documents and other items into banker boxes that were shipped to a storage room at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida along with other, previously packed records set aside by Trump, sometimes erratically so, according to two sources with knowledge of Trump’s move and records issues.

This is a replay of the Russia Collusion hysteria, where media competed with one another for “scoops” to generate clicks and social media sociopaths competed for Twitter followers. And nothing generated clicks better than predicting based on scoops that Trump was done:

We have been here before.

In many ways. But not all. You know who never was raided?

This video created in 2016 is brilliant, and accurate:

If you doubt the accuracy, here’s the original full length we covered on July 5, 2016:

We are swimming in a sea of deception, as to the facts and the law. I repeat what I said soon after the Mar-a-Lago Raid

Be very suspicious of anything you hear in the media attributable to anonymous sources. The supposed leaks from unidentified persons supposedly with knowledge are either FBI/DOJ whispering in the ear of reporter-scribes which may or may not reflect reality, or people who don’t have actual knowledge, or sources who exist only in the imagination of the reporters. It’s all an unreliable web of deception.

The question now is what was the rush to get a search warrant were even the mainstream media is reporting there were numerous interactions between DOJ and team Trump, and the documents in question had been at Mar-a-Lago for a year and a half, including at least several weeks after a visit by DOJ officials.


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The rush was that nearly all of Trump’s candidates were winning the primaries and they panicked, and in the depth of their bubble they were actually stupid enough to believe that this was going to hurt him.

The usual corrupt morons.

Worse, is our own corrupt morons. Check out this lamebrain email from GOP Chairjackass Ronna Romney:

“Fellow American, as a top Republican supporter, I wanted to let you know how we are laying the groundwork to win the midterms in less than 100 days.

Exceptional ground game.

If you’re wondering what that means, let me explain. The RNC is recruiting thousands of volunteers to knock doors and make phone calls in communities across the nation.

Essentially, our unmatched data-driven ground game and a grassroots army of volunteers is spreading the Republican Party’s message in every community across the country!

Our commitment to engage with voters at the community level is how we will take back the House and Senate this November. Elections are won on the ground, which is why I am emailing you today. Outreach efforts come with a price tag, and we need some fundraising support to ensure we have enough in the bank to cover our costs for the next three months. Let’s keep making gains across the country and WIN!”

Ronna McDaniel
Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC)

    Follow up: that email was verbatim.

      I wouldn’t donate a dime to the RNC again. I’m even wary of giving to WinRed, because I’m worried some of it may go to Kevin McCarthy’s minions.

        Pepsi_Freak in reply to Lanceman. | August 15, 2022 at 9:20 am

        I had heard WINRED rakes off 10% of donations made through them, but that’s unconfirmed. Does anyone know for sure if there is a rake-off, how much, and who gets it?

          Older AND Wiser in reply to Pepsi_Freak. | August 15, 2022 at 10:59 am

          One would expect at least some hold back to cover expenses. 10% strikes me as rather reasonable, compared to some well known charities. For example, according to Charity Navigator the Clinton Foundation holds back 25% for it’s administration and fund raising expenses.

          Before getting hot under the collar over WinRed 10%, try comparing against other political fund raising organizations.

        Older AND Wiser in reply to Lanceman. | August 15, 2022 at 11:02 am

        As long as they are RED, who cares where WinRed funds go? You sound like those Georgia fools who sat on their hands and let Ossoff and Warnock get elected.

“The question now is what was the rush to get a search warrant were even the mainstream media is reporting there were numerous interactions between DOJ and team Trump”

The 90-day moratorium on all political investigations prior to Election Day.

Operation Mockingbird – The progressive media networks all using the EXACT same script regarding the Raid (among other things)

Worth watching the whole thing. Then asking yourself who is coordinating and distributing the propaganda message scripts.

From the closing graf of the NYT article linked above:

Mr. Trump alternately claimed he did nothing wrong and also made the baseless statement that officials may have planted evidence at his property during the search.

The statement is not baseless. The base for saying that they may have planted evidence is simply that they were there and unsupervised.

Had Trump claimed that they did plant evidence, he’d need a stronger base than that. For instance, he could have positive knowledge that a specific document wasn’t there immediately before the raid, and therefore must have been planted during the raid. But since he hasn’t claimed that, he doesn’t need that base. At this point he’s just preparing the ground for any potential future claim, should they suddenly come up with something they claim to have found there.

The important thing is to challenge the presumption that FBI agents are upright people who would never do something like that, and therefore any claim that they may have is “baseless”. We know better than that, and it’s important to cast doubt on that presumption at every opportunity, because it’s just not valid any more.

    There’s an old saying: argue with an idiot, and you have two idiots arguing. So why argue with the NY Times?

    randian in reply to Milhouse. | August 14, 2022 at 5:03 am

    The important thing is to challenge the presumption that FBI agents are upright people

    They obviously aren’t, in general. The FBI will not permit third-party recording (such as by your lawyer) of their interviews, and never provides their own recordings of original interviews as evidence, instead destroying them and only providing a transcript to the court. Why this is all manner of corrupt should be obvious.

People used to obsess over the latest from Liz and Richard. Since news was made a profit center in the 70s, it has gone to soap opera format. Their product is not news, it’s you. They sell your eyeballs to advertisers. There are soap opera people and they’ll tune in every day, news or no news, provided that there is soap opera. There are enough of them to pay the bills, and there you are.

The democrats are free riding on that business necessity as suppliers of soap opera, but the media itself is just doing business.

The only viable news audiences are the soap opera audience, which wants to live in the supplied narrative and doesn’t care if it’s true or not; and the right, which wants to hear about the latest thing that the crazy left has just said. There are clickbait headlines for those respective audiences on each side.

Truth doesn’t come in in either business. Nobody cares about city council meetings.

    gibbie in reply to rhhardin. | August 14, 2022 at 3:10 pm

    “Since news was made a profit center in the 70s, it has gone to soap opera format.”

    This is absolutely correct and important to understand. The problem is human nature: The people who manage and work at these places have wants which exceed their needs. At least LI and most other conservative blogs are truthful – unlike the MSM.

taurus the judge | August 14, 2022 at 6:20 am

Here is what I believe is actually happening (Basically a logical extrapolation of a POSSIBLE grand scheme founded in all the questionable information in the media so I’m not saying this is “it” but i do believe this is reasonably close for discussion purposes)

When we back off 1000 meters and watch, this comes to the surface.

The DOJ knows exactly what trump has (in terms of USG docs) and they know Trump has them legally. They know all this “noise’ about nuclear secrets and classified crap is just a smokescreen.

Here’s another. They KNOW (look at that word) Trump is 100% INNOCENT of anything J6 related because they KNOW they STAGED it all. They are NOT looking for “stuff” they KNOW does NOT EXIST. (They would love “stuff” that may circumstantially support that claim but they know thats a stretch).

They KNOW Trump can be elected and they don’t believe they will be able to stop him and they expect him to literally lay “hellfire and damnation” upon them this time. (and the GOPe/RINO)

So, whats left?

I believe they are trying to build an indictment ( they know they will eventually lose but they NEED an indictment) on either a claim of SEDITION not insurrection as is commonly believed)

The “money” indictment would be sedition as that could bar him from running (decapitation) but with the plan “B” being a charge somewhere between a made up Espionage Act charge or similar to bog him down and hopefully sway public opinion.

Remember, when the impossible is removed, whatever is left is the truth regardless of likelihood.

This is clearly not about classified documents, nuclear weapons and I am now reasonably certain this has LITTLE ( not completely nothing) to do with J6 incriminating evidence (although i started off with a heavy emphasis on that.

Food for thought

    I’m sure the gubmint is firing up the Xerox machines for any docs marked attorney client privileged. It is the mother of all fishing expeditions where nothing is thrown back.

      taurus the judge in reply to walls. | August 14, 2022 at 9:58 am

      Maybe in the beginning but not now.

      Its clear Trump had advance knowledge and was well prepared for this raid.

      You can bet MAL was totally sterilized and most likely had some “traps”( document wise) set by Trump’s team.

      You can also bet the DOJ realizes this now too.

      They have the worst of 2 choices with all the world looking…

      How much of this is “live or Memorex”?

      How much of this is deliberately false information leading them down rabbit holes?

      This is why Trump is being so bold and defiant and believe me he is choosing his words VERY CAREFULLY.

        CommoChief in reply to taurus the judge. | August 14, 2022 at 10:29 am

        Agreed. The phrases national security, nuclear and TS/SCI were used as an incantation to get a warrant. It’s a pretext for a much broader search for the ‘something’ they can use to get DJT.

        All the back and forth about classification is a distraction to captivate the media and get them pushing a narrative. IMO, the empty safe is an indication of a trap laid by Trump. Just as the sudden change from mutual cooperation to include DoJ and archivist viewing the docs on site for 18+ months seemingly overnight became an issue.

        The govt request to add additional locks on site after the onsite review indicates that govt viewed the docs as still classified. There is a two lock, barrier rule for classified data storage and requesting the docs be in compliance with that storage requirement is a tell, IMO.

          taurus the judge in reply to CommoChief. | August 14, 2022 at 10:45 am

          Concur Chief

          Based on whats available AT THE MOMENT ( and giving it a degree of accuracy greater that zero but far from 100%)

          I want to see the affidavit for cause.

          Thats the telling document

          He should have put a classic WWII cartoon on the safe, Kilroy was Here. That would have been glorious.

E Howard Hunt | August 14, 2022 at 7:41 am

These people are all entertainers. If you told Racial Madcow and Sucker Carlson they had to switch sides, they would both carry on without missing a beat. You people consume one hell of a lot of lowbrow fare on the guise of keeping up with what the rubes are being fed.

Food for thought.

A comment on a news program. How did the people in Venezuela know that their country had fallen? One person said it was when the government was able to prosecute the opposition, with impunity.

Scary stuff, right there.

Coming soon…Season 4 of the “Donald Trump Emmanual Goldstein — Enemy of the State” show.

In which the evil Trump Goldstein is indicted, arrested, and prosecuted for treason and other crimes against the state.

Brought to you by Big Bro Brandon productions. Directed by Merrick ‘Beria’ Garland. Written by Liz ‘Freisler’ Cheney.

Sponsored by the The Ministry of Truth and Ministry of Love. Who are always looking out for YOU.

Episode 1 — Trump Goldstein is arrested, perp walked, charged, and incarcerated.

    M Poppins in reply to JHogan. | August 15, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING – especially since coincidentally reading recently an accident of the events leading up to the assassination of Trotsky (the original Emmanuel Goldstein). All of the rhetoric about Trump is recycled Bolshevik invective.

Now that they have confiscated everything including memorabilia items, I wonder if the Dems will appeal to the Pope to annul Trump’s presidency?

On the secret stuff, I rarely had need to look at such documents as a QA and CM specialist in defense and aerospace. The one or 2 times I did, required a visit to the ‘vault’ where such docs were kept where I could view it under an “eyes only” type standard. If someone had need of a copy, the vault made the copy and hand delivered the document in a secure package to the requestor who had to store it in a locked cabinet, with a sign-in/out log which was audited. The cabinet was inspected daily to ensure it was securely locked. Projects that were wholly classified – so called “black box” projects were behind locked doors / facility and even the phones were secure with “push-to-talk” buttons so anyone who called in could not overhear discussions in the background. Thankfully I never had the pleasure of supporting such a project.

What raises an eyebrow on all the secret materials speculation about Trump, and what seems to be admission from all involved that Trump has declassification authority – is once de-classified, such materials can be kept in ordinary storage, freely copied and distributed, on request. Common practice for declassification would strike all classification markings, or re-run the document on regular paper stock sans pre-printed classification markings.

What I haven’t seen talked about, is the realm of “sensitive” data – proposals were not classified, but they were “competitive sensitive”. Also “proprietary” markings were applied to intellectual property.

Trump is no doubt in possession of materials the DOJ/FBI would like kept secretive, but they’re not secret in the classification sense – rather secret because the materials are of a sensitive nature to their image / operations, etc. If the materials are declassified, I have no doubt there are multiple copies to protect Trump from the DOJ/FBI – and I would not be surprised if there is a dissemination (make public) order in place should anything ever happen to him and his.

I’m honestly amazed at the stupidity of Garland, FBI, DOJ to raid Trumps home as if the materials are uncopied and in one location. It was a real Keystone Cops operation.

Victor Davis Hanson has come out and said it:

“…right now, we don’t have the rule of law in Washington,” and added that, “The FBI is beyond redemption.”

Why did the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago?

“Well, they’re afraid in the short term,” he said, in reference to the Democrats and the left, “but in the long term they believe they’re morally superior to America, and therefore any means necessary or justifiable for their morally superior ends.”…

“I never thought I would say this: The FBI is beyond redemption. It is — all of its bureaus and its institutions that have to be farmed out and broken up. If you have a warrant, an FBI warrant, there is no guarantee that that has not been altered. If you subpoena and you want FBI records on phones … they will be wiped clean.”

In short, it’s time to break up the FBI. They cannot be reformed.

BTW, it looks like just about all of us and one or more of these FBI lists:

Yes. Guilty. I am proud of our history. Put the cuffs on me. Clearly, I am a domestic terrorist.

“Since news was made a profit center in the 70s, it has gone to soap opera format.”

This is absolutely correct and important to understand. The problem is human nature: The people who manage and work at these places have wants which exceed their needs. At least LI and most other conservative blogs are truthful – unlike the MSM.

Steven Brizel | August 15, 2022 at 8:21 am

Talk is cheap-let’s see the admissible evidence

I thought CNN was going to chill out and remove all the liers.. Oh well that didn’t last long. Back to RUSSIA RUSSIA again and BS