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Following the truly horrific 2015 revelations that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby parts and haggling over baby brains for profit, Republican governors across the nation moved to ban taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood.  In February 2016, then-Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill that restricted state funding to Planned Parenthood. While a lower court had previously blocked the state from stripping $1.5 million in funding from the nation's top abortion provider, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Ohio can indeed defund Planned Parenthood.

Back in 2015, undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood "violating medical and ethical standards codified in federal law and" Texas regulations. This caused Texas to strip the infanticide organization of Medicaid funding. Planned Parenthood asked the federal courts to restore the funding. The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them and blasted them "for its rhetoric and medical practices."

To the shock of no one, Planned Parenthood has decided to continue supporting the Women's March despite the overwhelming evidence that leaders Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory are anti-Semitic and worship Louis Farrakhan. After all, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a way to cleanse the world of undesirables. However, if you look closely at the statement, you'll find that Planned Parenthood sounds confused by trying to deflect the attention away from the Women's March and place it on President Donald Trump's administration.

The Supreme Court delivered a blow to the pro-life movement when it decided not to hear cases from Louisiana and Kansas that would allow the states to block Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funding. From The Washington Examiner:
Planned Parenthood will continue to receive Medicaid funding in Louisiana and Kansas after the Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear cases in which the states sought to stop the organization from participating in the program. The Supreme Court's decision not to take up the case leaves intact lower court decisions that allowed Planned Parenthood to continue to receive Medicaid funding.

Politico stated it perfectly: "Dan Lipinski is the kind of candidate Democrats need more of for the party to win the House in November. But the national Democratic Party is refusing to endorse him." Lipinski, a pro-life Blue Dog Democrat, has represented Illinois's 3rd district for seven terms. Activist Marie Newman, whom The Independent described as "a decidedly Bernie Sanders-styled progressive," has challenged him with a platform more aligned with the party. So why would the Democratic Party turn its back on an incumbent? The abortion industry? Purity tests? Either way, this move against a popular incumbent shows that the Democratic Party remains in disarray despite their talk of taking over the House.

During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Trump repeatedly spoke of his intent to support life should he be elected. This week he took another huge step in fulfilling this promise with his HHS's announcement of a new conscience and religious freedom division. Additionally, the HHS has announced that it will roll back another Obama era policy: HHS will no longer freeze out states that seek to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.  Last year, the president signed a bill allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood.

A complaint launched by the pro-life group, The Center for Medical Progress back in September of 2015 has resulted in the shuttering of two California-based bioscience companies. The CMP gained notoriety for releasing a string of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's role in the aborted baby part industry.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) has issued an executive order that cuts public funding to abortion clinics in the state. McMaster demanded that the state's Medicaid agency ask the "federal government to exclude abortion clinics from the state's Medicaid provider."