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Seattle U. Students, Staff Say President’s Decision to Cut Ties With Planned Parenthood ‘Dangerous’

Seattle U. Students, Staff Say President’s Decision to Cut Ties With Planned Parenthood ‘Dangerous’

“Collectively, we are frustrated with administrative decisions that do not consult or reflect the beliefs of your students”

It’s amazing that this decision didn’t spark campus-wide protests.

From My Northwest:

Seattle University students, staff criticize ‘dangerous decision’ from school’s president

Seattle University President Stephen Sundborg is facing flack after his decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

Sundborg made the call to remove the organization from a list of online health resources promoted by the school, in response to a letter from Virginia-based anti-abortion group, Students for Life of America.

The Seattle Times detailed a response from over 1,000 Seattle University students and staff, who delivered a letter of their own Monday outlining their concerns.

“Collectively, we are frustrated with administrative decisions that do not consult or reflect the beliefs of your students,” the letter reads. “We the undersigned call upon you to rescind the removal of Planned Parenthood as a resource on the grounds that it is an ill-informed, irresponsible, and dangerous decision.”

The letter goes on to note that “Planned Parenthood is not synonymous with abortion,” pointing to services like STD testing, cancer screenings, preventative care, and more. The organization also lists pregnancy services, HIV testing, general health care, and men’s health services among its offerings.

Students for Life of America’s request to remove Planned Parenthood from listed resources was issued to a handful of other schools across the country. As of publishing, Seattle University is the only school to comply.


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No, you uneducated eedjits, it is “dangerous” to have sex without contraception.

The article forgets to mention that Seattle U is not supported by the city of Seattle (in which case free abortions would be mandatory), but by the Catholic Church. Students need to realize that church-supported colleges are not likely to support organizations that actively oppose the tenets of the Church.

From the Seattle University website:

“Founded in 1891, Seattle University is a Jesuit Catholic university located on a beautiful campus of more than 50 acres in the dynamic heart of Seattle.

St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus—the Jesuits, as they are commonly called—more than 450 years ago. Today, Seattle University is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States and more than 100 around the world. ”

That they ever had Planned Parenthood on their list of online health resources promoted by the school is a surprise.

They are on the list by the USCCB of college universities recognized by the church as teaching in concord with catholic teachings and values.

When I wore a MUCH younger man’s clothes, Planned Parenthood was an organization that I supported. Planned Parenthood provided education and services, including birth control pills, condoms, sexually transmitted disease information and testing, general women’s health services, adoption assistance, and yes, to a minor degree, abortion counseling and services, all without parental involvement. Planned Parenthood was a teenager’s blessing.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is no longer a benign organization, but is very little except an abortion factory. I cannot support it, and I would prefer not seeing my taxes or my Church donations going to support it.

Thank you, Jesuits! The Society of Jesus has usually shown moral strength!

    bw222 in reply to Geologist. | October 16, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    While Seattle may be a Jesuit university, the decision was made by a lay president.

    Why students who are opposed to Catholic values, choose to attend Catholic universities is beyond me.

As a SU alumni, I fully support Sundborg’s decision. The Catholic catechism fiercely opposes abortion. PP diametrically supports (and practices) abortion. The taking of a life cannot be moralized (with a few exceptions), such an action can only be rationalized – a lesson I learned in Vietnam combat. The taking of a life can easily be rationalized, but it takes courage to recognize when it is wrong and then ask God’s forgiveness.

In the 70’s, SU required philosophy and theology courses – no matter your major. An easy “A” Theology course was “Theology of Sexuality & Marriage”. Regurgitate on the tests the Church’s ideologies and you got an A. The normal age students would passionately argue against many of the Church’s stands. As an older student I laughed at their basic lack of understanding of what was going on (getting an easy A) and would work on homework for my science classes. Somethings never change, such as the passions of naïve and ignorant students. However, though not surprised in today’s environment, I am disappointed that some staff signed off on the letter.

In retrospect I realized that the philosophical and theological courses sharpened my critical thinking skills and were most helpful in my science career.