Do these students think no one will be able to find information on Planned Parenthood unless it’s on the school website?

Isthmus News reports:

Edgewood College students protest removal of Planned Parenthood links

Ellie Olbinski just wanted some answers.

She and dozens of other Edgewood College students crowded into an auditorium on Friday afternoon, waiting to hear from the school’s interim president, Mary Ellen Gevelinger, about why the administration caved to pressure from a conservative group and removed information about Planned Parenthood from the college’s website.

But Olbinski didn’t get any answers today. At the last minute, Heather Harbach, vice president for student development, told the students that Gevelinger had agreed to meet only with students and faculty — not presumably, reporters, who had been invited by students to attend the meeting. Harbach said a smaller meeting with just students would be rescheduled.

“Are you kidding me?” one student yelled, as others began chanting “shame.”

About 50 students then marched to the president’s office, but Gevelinger wasn’t there. They then walked to Monroe Street and picketed on the sidewalk across from the college, sometimes chanting for Gevelinger to resign.

“It was a feeling of disappointment,” says Olbinski, president of the college’s Women Empowerment club. “It’s not just that they did those actions. They also won’t take responsibility to speak to the students or recognize the students who are having a problem with it.” …

Several students interviewed by Isthmus said they had no idea the change was in the works and were angry that they weren’t consulted about it.


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