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Minnesota Planned Parenthood Offering Teens a $150 Gift Card to Attend Sex Ed Summer Camp

Minnesota Planned Parenthood Offering Teens a $150 Gift Card to Attend Sex Ed Summer Camp

Who would trust Planned Parenthood to teach anyone about sex education?

The Minnesota Planned Parenthood has offered kids as young as 13 years old a $100 or $150 gift card to enroll in its sex ed summer camp.

Fox News reported Planned Parenthood canceled the one for 13-15-year-olds due to low enrollment.

But the one for 15-18-year-olds is still open.

A minor needs a parent or guardian’s permission to participate in sex education.

Weird. I cannot find “parent permission” on the form.

I found information on the website concerning the 13-15-year-old summer camp. It should have lasted three weeks. No specifics on the topics. I mean, sex education is pretty broad.

So gross.

Karin, a concerned mother, went on Fox & Friends to discuss the camp. She wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention:

Karin, a home educator and Minnesota mom of six, is among those who are upset. She said Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend” her top three concerns about the program relate to predatory behaviors, “grooming” children to become sexually active at a young age, and explicit materials taught at the camp.

“I care passionately about the wellbeing of all children and the generation my kids are growing up alongside,” she said. “I think most parents and most families would firmly agree that we don’t want people sexualizing our children and that’s exactly what this camp will do.”

Karin said she believes it is “critical” for parents to be aware of the material caught in the camp, including what she considers “explicit instruction” on how to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex.

“I think they’re just trying to get at kids any way they can, and it’s actually extremely disturbing. They’re incentivizing this with money. I think it’s a very fine line between giving a teen financial incentive to talk about sexual activity and role-play, things regarding it versus crossing the line to actually physically performing that activity and getting paid for doing it.”

“I think this really feeds into conditioning kids for sex trafficking,” she said, adding that parents’ priority should be on protecting their kids.


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Canoeing was always my favorite part.

• In hindsight offering Sex Education – in the schools – strikes me as an example of: The Slippery Slope.

• At the time Sex Education was introduced there might have been some parents that were relieved that they did not have to discuss those topics – Reproduction, Birth Control, STDs, etc. – but I don’t think the majority felt that way (my parents covered all that at Home). And what I learned from the Sex Education curriculum was not necessary for AP courses, SATs, Employment, etc. – pretty sure that is still true today.

• However, decades later it is so “well established” that Sex Education is part of the school’s portfolio that the issue is not ‘Why’ but ‘Why Not’. That includes ‘Why Not’ expand – ages, venues, subject matter – beyond the initial boundaries of the Sex Education curriculum. And the acceptance by many that anyone can discuss sex with children as long as they frame it as “education”.

• To paraphrase John Roberts: The way to stop sexually indoctrinating students, is to stop sexually indoctrinating students.

• Sex Education is a school curriculum that has ceased to be necessary – Boomers & Gen X can actually handle this – and should be discontinued in all pre-Tertiary grades. And discontinuing it in the schools should also remove the “education umbrella” outside of the schools.

We’ll give you $150 to ruin your life. What’s not to like about the deal?

Close The Fed | July 10, 2023 at 9:55 am

My God.

Sex camp sounds like fun. I wish I had access to that when I was 16.

This sounds a little like offering them candy to get into your van, doesn’t it?
Why isn’t this illegal?

“grooming” children to become sexually active at a young age
And it doesn’t have to be with an adult. If you’re not sure what they’re about, go read Brave New World. It’s laid out pretty clearly there.

Hedonism and transhumanism are pillars of the Progressive religion.

Imus reported in his ranch for kids with cancer that his chief activity was keeping them out of each others’ rooms.

If they have all this money to give away, I guess that means they don’t need all those federal dollars any more, right?

Who would allow PP to teach about sex? Democrats.

The teens have had sex since they were 12 years old and half of them already have babies, so they already know about the birds and the bees. The program is sponsored by Planned Parenthood so the emphasis will on abortions and hopefully they will be able to get more customers.

Can we see all of the teaching materials? Are they going to teach fisting, like they used to?

E Howard Hunt | July 10, 2023 at 1:40 pm

“Oh, little Johnnie, have a good time at camp. I’ve sewn your name onto your bondage outfit and packed plenty of lubricant. Remember, if you get lost in the woods without supplies, you can field dress a goat and make condoms out of its intestines. Almost all the counselors are level 3 sex offenders, but those who aren’t will try all the harder to prove themselves. Watch out for poison ivy, crabs and super-resistant gonorrhea. And, most of all, don’t forget your safe word.”

Ask your school’s sex ed teachers if they think it is wrong for an eleven year old girl to be sexually active. If they say they teach the pros and cons and then leave it up to her to make her own decision, then ask them if they follow the same process when teaching children about wether or not to be a racist.

Better yet, homeschool or send your children to a private school which does not have sex ed teachers.

Perverted parents sending their kids to sex camps should be on a list somewhere.

If a girl takes the $150 gift card can she be arrested for prostitution?

I hear that out in Kalipornia these camps are nudist camps with no parents allowed inside. These parents are scum.

BierceAmbrose | July 10, 2023 at 8:29 pm

What? Creating demand for your products is biz school 101.

Who needs it? I had the back seat of a ’63 Corvair. I learned the difference between a parking space and a parking place.