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Democrats, as we know, are using the death of George Floyd to create havoc in an election year and to do their once every four years "we care about black people" carnival show.  They have never been very good at this election year fake show of empathy and concern for black people, but this year, they are really really bad at it.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi never lets a crisis go to waste to grab more power even as people suffer from the lockdown due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. On MSNBC, Pelosi made it known that she views "everything as an opportunity." She also made it known she doesn't care about working with Republicans because it's important for the Democrats to present their relief bill "without too much conversation."

Nancy Pelosi, dragging Chuck Schumer along by his collar, caused enormous damage in delaying both the massive $2 trillion relief bill and then the follow up expansion of funding of the Paycheck Protection Program. Remember when the media lost its mind over closure of some national monuments during various Obama-era government shutdowns (which weren't really shutdowns, more scalebacks)? Pelosi has caught none of that hell despite causing millions of workers and thousands of businesses real pain.

The Payroll Protection Program is out of money. The SBA has stopped taking applications. Hundreds of thousands of applications that already have been submitted cannot be funded. Tens of millions of people are out of work without the backstop of businesses getting help retaining staff. And it's all because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have taken the nation hostage in order to extort $250 billion in unrelated additional spending.

The $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program is about to run out of funding, after Senate Democrats blocked a proposed $250 funding increase unless Republicans agreed to unrelated Democrat funding requests. We covered the Senate Democrat action, fully supported by House Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, last week, Democrats block expansion of Paycheck Protection Plan, demand more unrelated spending:
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