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Congressional Republicans Snatch Defeat From Jaws of Virginia Victory – Hand Biden Win On Supposed “Infrastructure” Bill

Congressional Republicans Snatch Defeat From Jaws of Virginia Victory – Hand Biden Win On Supposed “Infrastructure” Bill

With the groveling assist of 13 House Republicans, the narrative has now shifted from Democrats and Biden on the ropes to victory for the competent, deal-maker in chief who gets things done.

As the Republicans rode high following Tuesday’s drubbing of Democrats in off-year elections across the country, Democrats were fumbling, fuming, and determined to double-down on their America-destroying crazy.

Joe I am the Democratic Party Biden’s already failing presidency was in free fall as the narrative built that the Democrats can’t lead, can’t govern, can’t even herd the commie cats in their own party.

Things, in other words, were looking good for Republicans.  But for some reason that I have never been able to fathom, Republicans love to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  They never learn.  Indeed, 13 House Republicans inexplicably decided to throw Biden and Democrats a lifeline. We should note, of course, that 197 House Republicans were not in on the save Biden and Pelosi plan.

PJMedia reports:

The House passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which will now go to President Biden for a signature.

The votes were 228 in favor of the bill, and 206 against passing it.

Six Democrats voted against the legislation, while 13 Republicans voted in favor of it.

The House has just handed Biden a major legislative victory.

With the groveling assist of 13 House Republicans, the narrative has now shifted from Democrats and Biden on the ropes to victory for the competent, deal-maker in chief who gets things done.  Let’s see whom we have to thank for that.

Via Newsweek:

Don Bacon of Nebraska
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
John Katko of New York
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Nicole Malliotakis of New York
David McKinley of West Virginia
Tom Reed of New York
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Fred Upton of Michigan
Jeff van Drew of New Jersey
Don Young of Alaska

The only missing usual suspect is Liz Let’s find a country to bomb Cheney, but she is hoping to be reelected next year. Maybe this was a bridge to nowhere too far even for her.

Nineteen Senate Republicans voted for this pork-filled travesty of an “infrastructure” bill in August.

Via NPR:

Roy Blunt, Missouri
Richard Burr, North Carolina
Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
Susan Collins, Maine
Kevin Cramer, North Dakota
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Deb Fischer, Nebraska
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
John Hoeven, North Dakota
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
Rob Portman, Ohio
James Risch, Idaho
Mitt Romney, Utah
Dan Sullivan, Alaska
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
Roger Wicker, Mississippi

Needless to say, people had thoughts.


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Can anyone imagine Chuck Schumer helping to pass a bill that was DEEPLY unpopular with his base in order to throw a lifeline to Bush or Trump? It never would have happened. And yet, there’s Mitch McConnell’s name doing just that for Biden.

Why? Because the US Chamber of Commerce LOVES this bill and that’s exactly who McConnell works for.

    A couple of things, first, the Democrats did block an actual infrastructure bill (not a pork-filled bag of boondoggle) during Trump’s presidency, and second, this was the House that voted last night to hand Biden (and Pelosi) a much-needed victory, so not Mitch (who is Senate minority leader). That said, he did vote for this crap sandwich earlier this year, so you’re not wrong.

      Geez Fuzzy. The ” bipartisan infrastructure” bill is the first part that McConnell pushed through the Senate. It’s HIS bill that just passed and will be signed by FJB. The Democrat second part now has to go to the Senate where it might fail but then we go to reconciliation where McConnell will deliver the coup-de-grace.

      McConnell is the one who set this up with Pelosi, Schumer and probably FJB. The deal was to pass this bill first and then submit part B where the GOP (McConnell) would return the favor. So give it up Fuzzy. Stop defending these turds.

        Phil. No. The bill already passed the Senate, now that it has passed the House it goes straight to Biden’s desk.

        I really love you, but it would be so so helpful if you had a better grasp on how things work. Politics is not hard, our Constitution is not hard, so I don’t get why you keep getting simple process questions wrong. But it does very much explain why you have such weird delusions about Mitch’s magic power (who, is Senate minority leader, ffs, and in no way involved with the House vote).

        Honestly, just stop. If you don’t get how government works, you can’t even come close to draining the swamp.

        For example, a clean bill passes the Senate (the infrastructure bill is “clean”–look it up). What needs to happen next? Oh, right, it has to pass the House. Then what happens? Oh, it goes to the president to sign. The end.

          Fuzzy, government is NOT working! Clean bill? How do you know what is in this bill? All we know is the purported price tag. We end up believing what we want to believe base on who we choose to believe. You choose to believe that the machinery is working. It isn’t. We have already lost that battle.

          These people hate us and are not open to discussing the issues. They are scoffing us because they know the Republicans have people like you under control. There is no compromising between Marxism vs open market capitalism/republican democracy. They are mutually exclusive. We are at war. Believe it.

          So we all need to stop pretending that we can win this without first wrecking both wings of the Uniparty. It isn’t about defeating an enemy which is already far along in its efforts to delete us everywhere. We need to destroy them and their ideas utterly. We need to completely wreck the Uniparty. And we can’t do that by being permanently trapped in the Democrats vs Republican mindset. If I had told you in 1939 that the German Nazis were planning to exterminate all of the world’s Jews and would succeed in killing over 6 1/2 million of them, how nutty would that have seemed? The Nazis hadn’t even come up with their “final solution” yet. Isn’t this worse? These globalists are Malthusians who have working on the their plan for global domination for over a century and finally have the technology to pull it off. Even that utter fool Prince Charles spoke the quiet part out loud last week by telling the world that the only way to save humanity is to greatly reduce the world population and to take military-like means to do it if necessary. People are primary threat to humanity now. Which side of that divide do you see yourself? Should you be worried? Maybe we can sue somebody or vote against it? At least Professor Jacobson has taken the step to look for a property to buy to escape to.

          The Big Reset is very, very close. Once everyone gets vaccinated and we will have surrendered control of our own bodies, it will then be on to Vax Passports and the Big Reset. Do we have to go there without a fight? Will your be happy when you own nothing and have surrendered control of everything to this government?

          We are winning in the streets among the voters right now and it is NOT partisan! Neither is the grassroots rebellion to CRT and the transgender weirdness. You need to reframe your arguments in THAT context. We are NOT winning in the world you are trapped in. Free yourself!

          I couldn’t care less whether Republicans win or lose. It’s not about which branch of the Uniparty wins. WE have to win and we need to be as determined to win as the Marxists are! They don’t play by any rules but their own yet we allow them to trap us in our own rules. That is how you lose wars and we ARE in a war. At least we are heading into the last step before they start shooting us: widespread civil disobedience. Will you be standing on the sidelines tut-tutting us?

          The Senate voted 69-30 in favor of the bill, INCLUDING MCCONNELL and LINDSAY GRAHAM. And GRASSLEY.

          Roy Blunt of Missouri
          Richard Burr of North Carolina
          Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
          Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
          Susan Collins of Maine
          Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
          Mike Crapo of Idaho
          Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
          Chuck Grassley of Iowa
          John Hoeven of North Dakota
          Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
          Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
          Rob Portman of Ohio
          Jim Risch of Idaho
          Mitt Romney of Utah
          Thom Tillis of North Carolina
          Todd Young of Indiana

          Had they not, the bill would have passed anyway.

          I despise McConnell and Graham, but their votes didn’t matter. As to why they voted “yes” is beyind comprehension (unless you’re corrupt rino scum, then it make perfect sense).

    ArmyStrong in reply to TargaGTS. | November 7, 2021 at 9:26 am

    I wonder how many of these 13 actually read the 2000 pages of this bill in the less than 24 hours they had to read it? If there is anything I can do to make sure these 13 don’t get reelected I’ll surely do it. The entire US Constitution is about 12 pages long. Why in the world do we allow Congress to submit and enact 2000 page bills? This is the primary reason we are $29 Trillion in debt.

smalltownoklahoman | November 6, 2021 at 10:37 am

13 idiots who have just signaled they are to be removed next election.

    They are not realy idiots. They were smart enough to fool their constituents into thinking they were Republicans when, in fact, they are actually Democrats.

    But whoever voted for them are idiots.

    Not exactly. 2 are retiring so they don’t fear retribution. 3 are from blue/purple CD so I am willing to grant some grace to them. Not every CD is MAGA and we need to accept that fact. Much better to have at least a nominal r than a d/prog even if only to achieve a majority and control committee chairs and the power a Congressional majority wields.

    The other 8 are from red CD. Their actions are classic establishment. These incumbent r need to be face a true challenge in the primary. Replace them with the most MAGA candidate that can win the general election in that CD. That’s the task of their constituents who disapprove of these votes. If they won’t do the hard work of identifying a competitive candidate, organizing, volunteering and fundraising to throw out these weak sauce incumbents there isn’t much we can do about it.

Kwiznos Haagendazs | November 6, 2021 at 10:50 am

for some reason that I have never been able to fathom, Republicans love to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Some quasi-Democrats run as Republicans because that’s their best path to career advancement. And most Republicans regard donors, not voters, as their constituency.

The problem with Republicans isn’t that they’re weak. They just don’t share your values. Not sure why so many conservatives have trouble grasping this.

    And most Republicans regard donors, not voters, as their constituency.

    And most of those donors are neverTrumpers and GOPe types whose only real issues with the Dem neo-Marxist agenda are about the proceess, not the direction or destination: “let’s move a little slower with the move to the left” and “let’s spend a little less than that” and “let’s reduce taxes a little once in a while”.

    Amen. There will always be just enough R to pass the D agenda. They will always be just a few short of doing anything meaningful. Always.

    But we can just pretend it isn’t just theater to keep us from being violent. After all, we totally have a voice!

    “Some quasi-Democrats run as Republicans because that’s their best path to career advancement.”

    That’s about the size of it.

Don Young???

The man is almost 90 and has been in Congress since he was 39. Maybe it’s time he retired to Fort Yukon and let someone born SINCE ALASKA STATEHOOD have his seat.

Lucifer Morningstar | November 6, 2021 at 11:10 am

So what’s the difference between a republican and a democrat.

Not much, evidently.

Don Bacon of Nebraska
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
John Katko of New York
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Nicole Malliotakis of New York
David McKinley of West Virginia
Tom Reed of New York
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Fred Upton of Michigan
Jeff van Drew of New Jersey
Don Young of Alaska

All betrayed their constituents and voted yes for the democrat boondoggle spending bill.

They all might as well just put a “D” behind their names and be done with it. That would be more honest than claiming an “R”.

Why do we even bother is my question.

theduchessofkitty | November 6, 2021 at 11:13 am

Do these 13 people think they can feel safe showing their pretty faces back home after their constituents find out about what they did?

They can’t.

Have they forgotten the townhall confrontations of eleven, twelve years ago? They have. Maybe they need a refresher course….

This sort of thing is why primaries matter. There’s no reason why we should be nominating a candidate that isn’t the most conservative/MAGA/Tea party who can win the general election in a State or CD.

The establishment picks for primaries need opposition. Incumbent r office holders don’t have a right to remain in office. Until we effectively organize at the precinct, County and State level as a grass roots alternative to the establishment they will continue to have an advantage. Organize, volunteer, fund, support a primary challenger to these folks.

That doesn’t mean to throw out someone for not passing some esoteric purity test. No one is going to be 100% acceptable on every issue. IMO, as long as they reliably come down on the side of individual liberty, transparent laws and regulations and view their votes through the prism of ‘does this help the average middle-class person/family’ then unless they go slap crazy and deviate/sell out to the chamber of commerce we probably won’t do better.

    Chief, you make such a salient point! You write, “That doesn’t mean to throw out someone for not passing some esoteric purity test. No one is going to be 100% acceptable on every issue.”

    This is where, I think, the TEA Party failed (and where today’s progressives are failing). If we ignore the very clear fact that most activists (on the left or right) are truly fringe minorities that cannot be elected outside of deep red (or deep blue) districts, we just set ourselves up to fail. Again.

    Dumb as dirt AOC really believes that her commie socialist BS would sell in my deep red, Trump country, Free Florida district. She believes that because she is blinded by her own crazy. My city/county/district would never elect even a milquetoast RINO because we are deep deep red, deep deep conservative, and deep deep Trump (MAGA, America First). But these crazy lefties really believe we will embrace her socialist crazy if only we learned more or whatever. De-Lusion-AL.

    But it’s no less delusional on our side to imagine that the Trumpiest Trump or most conservative limited government candidate can come even close to winning in AOC’s district. She’s an empty-headed commie-zombie who can’t string two thoughts together, but she will win over anyone with an (R) because that’s just her district. This makes her think that every district is just like hers, all of America is just thirsting for cradle to grave socialism. Um, no. Not just no, but seriously, hell no.

    But we have to be honest with ourselves that all of America is not thirsting for America First MAGA, either. I would never ever vote for Youngkin for president because he is, really, a Mittens McRomneyCare Republican. That is perfect for pretty blue Virginia. It is not perfect for pretty red Florida.

    We need to be more realistic. There will always be RINOs in the party because that’s how it works. Just like there will always be blue dogs/moderates in the Democrat party. A NJ Republican is about as leftist crazy as an actual Democrat, but they will vote with the GOP the majority of the time, making them better options than an actual Democrat who will never vote with the GOP.

    I just wish that our side wasn’t so myopic and, frankly, clueless about how politics work. If we could just grasp that what we are so enjoying among the Democrats right now (progs v. mods) is the exact same thing we see play out on our side, we’d be far more ahead of the game.

      I didn’t downvote you, but: our ‘side’ is completely corrupted. Notice the democrats vote in lockstep. The Republican leadership (and the national committee) can be trusted as far as you can throw Chris Christie.

      Say, where the hell is that useless rino rat GOP Chair Rona Romney??????????? On anything????????????????

If they beat down the next bill, perhaps it’s an overall plus for Republicans for 2022, to show they are not obstructionists and to go after BBB, which contains the worst garbage.

    Conservatives are sick of the bullshit of ‘well this isn’t the hill to die on guys’.

    It’s ALWAYS ‘the next hill’ that they’ll fight on before they cave on that too.

    Pelosi has the votes for the other bill, they’re just waiting on the CBO bullshit score to give them cover.

      You can interpret the comment your way, but that is not what it said. Funny how that works.

      The result on the other bill is not known, but it seems more likely there will be no Republican support for it..

    Christopher B in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | November 7, 2021 at 4:49 am

    Largely true. The GOP held the line when it mattered last Thursday with Youngkin’s victory far from a sure thing. The Democrats went into Tuesday in disarray with the progs and the grifters still at each other’s throats, and Biden wandered off to Scotland for COP26 empty handed and unable to make any promises about renewed US participation in the glow-bull warming scam.

    This bill was always going to pass given the Democrat majority in the House (talk about making simple process errors). The absolutely *worst* outcome would be for it to pass with no Republican votes because that would mean Manchin and Sinema (and likely other Democrat Senators and Reps) had caved on the BBB/Reconciliation Boondoggle/Proggie Dreams Bill. The six Democrat Nays are significant because it means the (Circular Firing) Squad thought it was necessary to oppose the bill because they *still* don’t have an agreement to pass the bigger one.

    If anything passing the Bipartisan Boondoggle, though a tough pill, means that there’s even less pressure on the more reasonable Democrats in the grifter wing to come to some agreement with the progs on the Reconciliation Boondoggle.

One has to wonder what ‘sweetener’ was in this bill for the 13, how many spouses will find convenient seats on well-paid boards or have their children be offered jobs with little to do but cash a paycheck. With this much taxpayer money flowing by in a river, there must be a terrible temptation for Republicans to dip your congressional cup into the flow and scoop out just a few million here and there like the Dems do all the time.

Not sure why Republicans over in Bux County bother with Fitzpatrick, electing a Democrat does the same job.

Please tell me again how we HAVE to vote for every idiot RINO under the sun because otherwise the Democrats win.

McCarthy is a weak, useless, idiot RINO of a ‘leader’ that needs to be replaced ASAP by somebody actually willing to visit consequences on jackasses like Kizinger and his ilk. The feckless coward STILL hasn’t made good on his already-weak threat to remove Kizinger and Cheny from their committees for participating in Pelosi’s Jan 6 farce. This is an idiot RINO that has spit in the party’s face at every turn, has ALREADY announced that he’s not running (like he’d win anyway), and yet he is STILL ON COMMITTEES AS A REPUBLICAN.

I am so sick of this crap.

What is extortion?

Until the GOP purges collaborators with the neo-Marxist Dems from its ranks this kind of thing will continue.

We didn’t get where were are today, living in an increasingly fascist neo-Marxist oligopoly and near dictatorship, without the GOP being complicit.

“Snatch defeat from the jaws of Virginia victory.” Very succinct, Fuzzy Slippers. It reminds me of the Minnesota Vikings losing all four of their Super Bowl games in the 1970s. Minnesota residents were elated as they crushed their opponents all of the way to each Super Bowl. Then, like our Republicans, they gave up on Super Bowl day, giving their opponents the victory.

Simply put


I dunno, can something AOC and the Squad are against really be all bad?

    Christopher B in reply to Dennis. | November 7, 2021 at 4:55 am

    It signals they *still* don’t have an agreement on the Reconciliation Boondoggle, and this makes it no more likely they never get one, and probably less likely.

And they let the tribe escape having to vote for it had they not

Prime example of why McCarthy can not be elected speaker assuming the repubs get the house
I’d take a long hard look at Mike Johnson of Louisiana

Another Voice | November 6, 2021 at 9:22 pm

“Reed’s been reelected several times with relative ease, even though the staunch conservative is reviled in deep-blue Ithaca and other parts of Tompkins County. ”

So much for his commitment to being a conservative.
Having been put over the finish line more than once with active endorsement here at L.I.. Reed has already declared that he will not be running for office in 2022 due to personal improprieties’ taken with a co-worker and his relationship with booze. Now that he will be staying on back in his local area where he will be welcomed by the Democrats and probably a paying job. Just another ‘Typical New York Politician.’

RINO douches strike again.