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Pelosi Wants to Lead Democrats After 2022 Despite Promising to Step Down

Pelosi Wants to Lead Democrats After 2022 Despite Promising to Step Down

In 2018, Pelosi promised seven House Democrats she would back “term limits for the top three Democratic leaders” so she could get the votes to make her Speaker of the House.

The promise meant Pelosi could not remain Speaker after 2022.

Oh, look. Pelosi is likely breaking that promise:

She is planning to file and run for reelection in her San Francisco district next year — at least for now — in keeping with her pattern of deciding about staying in Congress after the elections, when she likely will have won an 18th full term.

And sources familiar with Pelosi’s thinking say she isn’t ruling out the possibility of trying to stay in leadership after 2022, despite her original vow to leave as the top House Democrat. She’ll devote much of next year to raising money for Democrats as they try to hold their narrow majority, those sources tell CNN, adding to the nearly $1 billion her office calculates she has already raised for Democrats in her time as leader.

Normally I do not like anonymous sources, but those who spoke to CNN demanded it so Pelosi wouldn’t punish them. I do not blame them since the woman is obsessed with power and control.

The House Democrats are in disarray. I’ve often said that the Democrats managed to keep going because they keep their quarrels behind closed doors. They put on a united front.

The strategy no longer exists:

Still, the speaker is also losing her grip on House Democrats. Interviews with her colleagues reveal a struggle to keep up with members who are less concerned with loyalty and allegiance and more willing to blow up negotiations for the sake of a boost on social media or TV. She faced repeated rebellions the last few months, they say. She rescheduled votes over and over because she couldn’t get her caucus together — as Biden and top White House aides lost patience with House Democrats’ constant drama. She got so irritated with Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal that she gave the Washington state Democrat the silent treatment for several days, according to several lawmakers who heard of it from the shunned colleague.

A lot of Democrats want Pelosi to go away and allow a younger leadership to emerge. But they’re also scared about what will happen after she leaves, mainly because she has not done anything to prepare the caucus:

Admirers and detractors both confess to a sense of dread about what things will be like after Pelosi leaves. Her grip on House Democrats may be looser than it was, but whoever comes after her won’t have anywhere near that control. And with everyone expecting her departure to come soon, many complained to CNN that she hasn’t prepared her caucus for the post-Pelosi era, though she has worked to groom several of the top prospects to succeed her.

Well, it might not become an issue because the Democrats already have a slim lead in the House. Democrats are retiring left and right. Reports hint the Republicans could take over in 2022.


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She’ll step down when she loses the gavel.

They’ll have to drag the tyrant off the podium, kicking and screaming. Deceit and treachery is all she knows so don’t be surprised by any anti-American games she plays on the way out.

She deserves serious jail time along with the complicit judge, for the incarceration of the J6 trespassers. Many are still being held without charges nearly 11 months now. Banana Republic tyrant Puglosi.

As a licensed time traveler, I’m not supposed to tell folks in the past what the future looks like – but what the heck, why not…

Pelosi will still be in her seat for the next 50 years. She never steps down. The Rs sweep the elections in 22, 24 & 26… and she even though there are only 12 Dems left, CHRIS Wallace keeps introducing her on his stream-feed as “Madame Speaker”. The rest of MSM goes along with it because of laziness for some, pure denial for the others.

Don’t ask what else happens over the next 50 years – even with today’s Orwellian gaslighting, no one will believe the picture.

I’m of the opinion that the only way she leaves the leadership is if the Dem caucus votes her out. Even if they end back up in the minority, she may be counting on fear of progressives getting into any of the top slots in the leadership to help keep her from getting drummed out and opening up a spot, and provided #2 Hoyer and #3 Clyburn don’t get voted out, the status quo would remain.

As long as she leads them out the door, down the steps and in to heavy traffic…

Mention was made about discipline. That is what made her powerful. She has a tiny majority, and essentially no help from Republicans, but has managed to get significant legislation through the House. We would be in a lot of trouble if Schumer had the sort of discipline that she wields over her caucus. Whoever comes after her as the Dem leader in the House isn’t going to be nearly as talented in this regard as she is. Esp, as her caucus lurches to the left, as it continues to do.

But she won’t be Speaker in the next Congress. The Dems don’t need to lose that many seats to lose their House majority – roughly probably what they will lose through reapportionment. But they are going to get blown out. There maybe a >60 seat shift, and there is no way that they could cover even a decent part of it with cheating, as they did in 2020, because they will keep the seats that they could steal anyway, because the reason that they could steal those votes is because their machine was in charge already, and for most of those cities, had been in charge for decades.

And with a strong Republican majority, will come significant pressure for retribution. The 1/6 witch hunt has run roughshod over House rules, with almost no bipartisan support (it has the support of 2 Never Trumper RINOs). It doesn’t have the legal authority to issue subpoenas, but does. It is demanding information about Trump, to embarrass him, because it can. And it is covering up gross malfeasance on the part of the Capital Police and the FBI. This will come out. The reason that Ashlii Babbitt’s murder was white washed will come out. Pelosi’s role in all this will come out (along with a couple more, likely including Adam Schiff).

And that is why, I expect, that she will either give up her seat, or her leadership position.

    Cheating really only works at the bottom of the ticket and national elections where a few counties can inject enough illegal ballots to turn a state.



Pelosi and the Progressive Caucus are leading Dems over a cliff.
Next year Dems will HOWL when they lose control of the House and maybe the Senate too. Watch for them to scream “racist” – the typical smear whenever they are losing. But it will not work anymore. We are all on to their game.

Dems have only themselves to blame, They tried to govern like they had a overwhelming mandate – even though the election was very close and Congress is nearly equally divided between R and D.

Let’s Go Brandon – or whoever is actually in charge.

AOC and her squad aren’t playing by the old rules anymore, and after the ’22 elections they’ll have more to say about who leads their dwindling caucus. Gerontocrats like Pelosi will either step aside or be pushed aside.

I would not be surprised if she is now planning to stay on so she can claim some sort of privilege as to why certain papers should not be handed over or why she can not be called to testify before a Republican controlled 1-6 committee.

Crapping on their own caucus and leaving leadership continuity a shambles seems to be how things are done these days. It’s not like the Republicans are doing any better. Paul Ryan left throwing stink bombs over his shoulder.

“As long as I can do the job full steam, I will be here.”

That was what Ginsburg said. But of course she didn’t mean it. She stayed on until she was out of steam and finally died an embicile in a coma.

Pelosi wants to go out like Ginsburg.

Now I’m picturing a cardboard cutout of her propped up behind the podium for the next century as an example of how *not* to be Speaker of the House.

“See this? Don’t do this.”

She’s drunk again, folks. And by “again”, I mean “perpetually”.

I’m surprised she hasn’t pushed for a constitutional amendment that simply mandates that once a Democrat reaches leadership, be it presidency, senate, house, or court. they will remain in that position regardless of and “voting” to the contrary.
Works well in other countries they admire.

The ruling elites usually consider everyone a replaceable cog in a machine. This is especially true with autocratic Marxists.

Except for themselves, of course. How can the state continue to function properly without them in control? How can they be sure the future will continue to ‘progress’ as they envision without their vision and guiding hand? They are indispensable. Everyone else? Not so much.

Generally speaking, ruling elites are displaced only when the people they forcefully govern and lord over rise up and replace them.

George Washington was one of the few notable exceptions.

I didn’t say it!
No one heard me say it!
You can’t prove I said it!

After the election (when the new congress is sworn in) she will step down, her nephew (Newsom) will then appoint Pelosi’s daughter to finish her term.

Subotai Bahadur | December 13, 2021 at 3:29 pm

1) Never believe anything a politician says. To do so is foolish.
2) Especially never believe anything a Democrat politician says, To do so is suicidal.
3) When Republicans say that they will fight Democrats, see #1. There is history.
4) People are concentrating largely on the 2024 election, assuming that there will be an acceptable amount of integrity in 2022. That is largely an unwarranted assumption. Indeed, there is no indication of any changes from 2020. A failure to have what is accepted as an “honest” election in 2022 guarantees another bogus presidential election in 2024.
5) An absence of what are perceived by pretty much everybody as honest elections in 2022 and 2024, in the aftermath of the theft in 2020 pretty much voids the Social Contract based on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A new Social Contract will have to be formed, and that process is both untidy and does not historically end in liberty.

Subotai Bahadur

Many evil, psychopathic, corrupt people are skilled,
Pelosi is all four.

But Kevin McCarthy is a milquetoast, and outclassed by the lunatics seeking our destruction.

Trump is the standard, with DeSantis closing in.

IMO this announcement from Speaker Pelosi is pablum. The d/prog don’t have a bench of folks to step up and be effective leaders. The gerrymandering along with blue State domination results in less turnover and new blood. Win a CD in a blue State in CA, vote the way the party wants and they make sure your CD remains static and safe.

Name five d/prog in the HoR who could effectively run the d/prog with the same discipline as Pelosi. I can’t do it. The names I came up with are very senior themselves which is another liability; they don’t promote from within because their coalition is a fragile group of identity politics adherents plus some Marxists. They drove out the moderates so all that remain are ideologues, choose one brand and the rest are offended. It will be amusing to see who fights to the top of their much smaller d/prog heap when Pelosi eventually steps down or is thrown down.

If she leaves who tells the Rebublicans what to do in 2022. I detest the Pelosi and I’m not too fond of the GOP either.

CaliforniaJimbo | December 13, 2021 at 9:54 pm

Assuming the dems actually get a majority in the house in 2022 (I expect a red wave), the squad will not approve of Pelosi. The squad knows they control things. Buh bye Nancy.

She won’t leave until they carry her out in the ice cream freezer in her office

Pelosi and Hillary will be around for a long, long time, for Satan still has a long “to do” list for them.