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Anyone who has been awake knows that Joe Biden has a problem with touching and nuzzling women in public in a very creepy manner. It's why the nickname "Creepy Uncle Joe" could be for him what "crooked Hillary," "low energy Jeb" or "little Marco" were for other Trump opponents should Biden run for president and get the Democrat nomination. We saw if when he rubbed the shoulders of Ashton Carter's wife in full camera view:

The Washington Examiner reported Monday night that Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand kept a man on her payroll three months after he resigned in 2017 due to a sexual harassment claim against him. This happened a year before one aide resigned due to Gillibrand mishandling her sexual harassment claim against another top aide. Gillibrand also kept that aide on her payroll.

Sen. Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY), one of the many running for the Democrat nomination for president, has championed herself as a top supporter of the #MeToo movement. But now Politico reported that an aide within Gillibrand's office resigned last summer due to the handling of her sexual harassment complaint against Abbas Malik, one of Gillabrand's top aides.
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