The last time we reported on celebrity astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson, the National Geographic channel stopped airing episodes of his programs until a set of sexual assault charges were investigated.

Celebrity astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson will be back filming shows for the channel.

The National Geographic Channel said in a statement Friday that Tyson’s “StarTalk” will return to the air in April with the 13 episodes that remain in the season.

The statement says Tyson’s other show, “Cosmos,” will return on National Geographic TV and Fox at a date to be determined.

The status of two programs, Cosmos: Possible Worlds and Star Talk, have been in question since the announcement of the investigation.

“‘StarTalk’ will return to the air with the remaining 13 episodes in April on National Geographic, and both Fox and National Geographic are committed to finding an air date for ‘Cosmos,’” the network said in a statement. “There will be no further comment.”

…Fox had originally scheduled the new season of “Cosmos” to premiere on Sunday, March 3, while Nat Geo had slated a second window to begin on Monday, March 4. Both networks later had to scrap those plans.

“Cosmos: Possible Worlds” is the third season of the revival of the “Cosmos” franchise, as originally created by legendary astronomer Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. (Fox aired the first season, while Nat Geo ran both the first and second seasons).

The statement from the channel did not indicate what investigators concluded about the complaints. Of the three women involved in this case, two have responded to questions about the return of DeGasse Tyson.

Ms. Amet said she was interviewed by a representative from Fox as part of its investigation, as well as someone from the American Museum of Natural History, where Dr. Tyson directs the Hayden Planetarium. A spokeswoman for the museum said its investigation was not complete.

“I feel ignored,” Ms. Amet said on Friday. She said she planned to become “more vocal, more active” in response.

Ms. Watson said that this case was “always the word of a low-level assistant and a perceived eccentric woman of color against an extremely powerful and wealthy TV personality,” so she was not at all surprised by the news.

“I spoke up for Tchiya and wish her nothing but peace,” Ms. Watson said. “She has my support and I believe her.”

Professor Allers did not respond to a request for comment.

Despite this news, I personally am passing on Cosmos after watching the dreadful first episode of the reboot.


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