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Neo-feminism abandoned the egalitarian mantle long ago. Instead, the moniker has devolved into a platform to espouse bitter insecurities, mainly through attacking successful, but "wrong-minded" women, and leading a crusade to rid the world of masculinity. MSNBC Political Analyst and self-proclaimed feminist, Joan Walsh made that case better than I ever could. Wednesday, she criticized Ivanka Trump's choice of dress during the G20 summit, calling the "girliness" of her pink frock a "frightening" message.

Environmental Protection Agency's head, Scott Pruitt, indicates that President Trump will soon make a decision on whether to pull out of the global Paris Climate Agreement, using business terminology famously used by his boss.
In an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., the EPA administrator called the Paris Agreement “a bad deal for this country.”

As we've documented, Joy Reid has a habit of shutting down conservatives on her MSNBC show who say things she doesn't like. So today, Reid invited on her kind of conservative. Kirsten Haglund, billed by the show as a "conservative commentator," was highly critical of the way Ivanka allegedly mixes business and public service. Haglund's criticism was indistinguishable from that of the liberal panelists. But what really put the lie to the notion that Haglund is a "conservative commentator" was this line from her: "Ivanka and Jared are more moderate. I hope they would use that influence [on Trump] a little bit more." So Reid's idea of a "conservative" is someone who wants to see President Trump pushed to the left. Got it!

The liberal internet mob has been trying to destroy Ivanka Trump's clothing and accessories line. There have been calls for a boycott, and pressure put on retailers to drop the lines. When several retailers pulled Ivanka's products off the store shelves, there were hoots and hollers of joy in liberal land.

At the Republican National Convention last year, Ivanka Trump stated:  "As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce, and he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all." Apparently following up on this promise, Ivanka met with members of Congress last week in order to sell them on her unfunded $500 billion child care tax credit.

Jared Kushner, husband of Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka, was appointed a Senior Adviser to president-elect Trump, news outlets reported Monday afternoon. Kushner married Ivanka in 2009. The couple have three children together. Kushner owns the New York Observer and played a key role in Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Before assuming the role of Senior Advisor Kushner must traverse two fairly significant hurdles -- federal anti-nepotism laws and his participation in Trump-family businesses that might be a conflict of interest to his tentative White House gig.

Ivanka Trump and her family were harassed on a flight departing from JFK, headed to Palm Beach, Florida. Before the flight departed JFK, a Brooklyn attorney, Dan Goldstein, and fellow passenger yelled, "Your father is ruining the country. Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private," TMZ reported. He was holding a child while carrying on.
Ivanka Trump just had a bumpy start to her Xmas holiday ... an out-of-control passenger on her flight began verbally berating her and "jeering" at her 3 kids.