As we’ve documented, Joy Reid has a habit of shutting down conservatives on her MSNBC show who say things she doesn’t like. So today, Reid invited on her kind of conservative.

Kirsten Haglund, billed by the show as a “conservative commentator,” was highly critical of the way Ivanka allegedly mixes business and public service. Haglund’s criticism was indistinguishable from that of the liberal panelists.

But what really put the lie to the notion that Haglund is a “conservative commentator” was this line from her: “Ivanka and Jared are more moderate. I hope they would use that influence [on Trump] a little bit more.” So Reid’s idea of a “conservative” is someone who wants to see President Trump pushed to the left. Got it!

Maybe one of these days, Reid will have real conservatives on her show, and let them express themselves without fear of defenestration.

Note: Professor Jacobson has noted a similar trend at the New York Times: a propensity to hire “nice” conservatives who won’t make trouble. As Byron York put it in a funny-but-true line that the professor quoted, “seeking diversity, NYT editorial page wants anti-Trump opinion from left, right, and center.”


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