Before Donald Trump became President, it was generally the practice that the press and respected celebrities would refrain from smears that impacted non-adult offspring.

However, that was before #TrumpDerangementSyndrome became so widespread.

Consider, for example, Mark Hamill. The famous Star Wars actor took to Twitter to deride Ivanka Trump after she posted an adorable picture with her son dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Here is the original message.

Here is Hamill’s Dark Side response:

Hamill’s tweet garnered a galactic response.

The tweet has since garnered over 500,000 likes and 100,000 retweets. Reactions were polarizing, with some accusing Hamill of wrongfully attacking innocent young Star Wars fans.

“You sure owned those kids, Mark. Good one,” one person wrote, sarcastically.

The intensity of the negative response was such that Hamill had to clarify is Star Wars witticism.

Hamill later clarified that he was not targeting Trump’s child after a user zoomed in on the Stormtrooper costume and wrote, “Forget the parents… this kid rocks.”

“Agreed,” Hamill wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, one user wrote, “Way to attack a child.”

Another added, “God—-, Mr. Hamill. A kid in a Star Wars costume isn’t political. People are allowed to like Star Wars. Nice. Picking on a kid. High class.”

Ivanka Trump did not respond to Hamill’s inanity. However, many offered her family support.

I will also point out that it appears that it was the Evil Luke Skywalker that made it out of the Dagobah cave (from the best movie of the lot, The Empire Strikes Back).

It’s bad enough that the social-justice-infused franchise is now so overwrought that my son, who adored those movies, doesn’t want to see The Rise of Skywalker. He also has lost his interest in heading to Star Wars World in Disneyland, which is nearby and something he had been looking forward to just a couple of years ago.

It appears that he isn’t the only one who has lost his enthusiasm, either.

Many anticipated that the two nearly identical versions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge would attract gargantuan crowds. This hasn’t been the case. According to Touring Plans, a site which tracks the wait times at Disney rides, overall attendance at Disneyland has gone down since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened. The website’s president, Len Testa, predicted that attendance at the park would increase by ten to twenty percent in recent months, so the news that attendance has gone down is a major surprise.

Catherine Powell, who oversees the U.S. and Paris theme parks for The Walt Disney Company, is leaving the studio in the wake of these developments.

In conclusion, Hamill may want to reflect upon some sage advice his character once gave.


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