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The same social justice nonsense we deal with in the United States has been embraced by many other countries as well. While many American institutions are engaged in a struggle over 'critical race theory' training, England has decided to drop 'unconscious bias training' for civil servants. After trying it, people are realizing that it doesn't really change anything.

Very often happy to be an American, especially with things like this happening across the pond. Sunday, Fuzzy Slippers blogged about the Tommy Robinson case. Robinson, an activist, "was arrested Friday while filming alleged child sex grooming gang members entering court for trial," Fuzzy blogged.

Not just former US President Obama, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, too, regards the nuclear deal with Iran as her greatest diplomatic accomplishment. The prominent German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung summed up the central role played by the Merkel government, writing, "Among all the parties working to bring about a negotiated deal, Germans enjoyed [Iranian regime's] special trust." Corporate Germany loved the deal too. The Bavaria Chamber of Commerce, the leading trade body in the country, told its clients ahead of the deal that the "German media landscape across the board agrees that lucrative deals worth billions are waiting to be made in Iran. As soon as the sanction are lifted, the run on the markets begins."

The total losses from the inferno that swept through London's Grenfell Tower last week are still being assessed. The count of dead victims has steadily increased with each report, and now stands at 79.
At least 79 people are dead or missing and presumed dead following the fire that tore through the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London, police have said. Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy told a press conference Monday that only five victims have been formally identified so far, and the death toll may change.