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“Woke Agenda” At The American School in London Leads To Downgrade by British Officials

“Woke Agenda” At The American School in London Leads To Downgrade by British Officials

“Parents are furious at the £32,650-a-year American School in London for allegedly teaching their children there are ‘64 genders’ and standing by its ‘woke agenda’ despite a damming Ofsted report.”

The exclusive American School in London has been rebuked and downgraded by British officials from Ofsted, the UK’s Office of Standards in Education for importing ‘woke’ American politics.

It seems the British are not fans of concepts like white privilege, social justice, and Critical Race Theory.

The Daily Mail reports:

Parents are furious at the £32,650-a-year American School in London for allegedly teaching their children there are ‘64 genders’ and standing by its ‘woke agenda’ despite a damming Ofsted report.

The school watchdog downgraded the private day school from ‘outstanding’ to ‘requires improvement’, saying there were ‘failures’ in education and leadership after it placed more weight on teaching ‘social justice’ than on learning ‘subject-specific knowledge and skills’.

Interim head at ASL Sacha McVean defended the school to parents saying its programmes had the backing of schools leaders and the watchdog’s inspection was ‘unusual’.

Over 100 parents, who signed a letter to Ms McVean, were shocked that the private school is standing by its ‘woke’ agenda in light of the ‘devastating rebuke’ according to the Times.

Douglas Murray of the New York Post has more:

An American school has been “downgraded” by officials. The cause? The school is accused of “placing more weight on teaching social justice than on subject-specific knowledge.” So apparently, pupils at the school spent more time being taught about “social justice” than tedious old skills like reading, writing and math. Teachers, meanwhile, were accused of clogging up lessons with “stridently expressed views on social justice” and creating a culture “where alternative opinions are not felt welcome.” All the time, educational standards have slipped.

Now which school could that be? It could be any number in Manhattan, especially the more elite ones like the disgraced Grace Church School.

But actually it is none of New York’s shakedown woke factories. The school in question is the American School in London. And the downgrading has been issued by the British schools inspectorate, Ofsted.

On a more serious note, there are also allegations of anti-Semitism.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism reported:

Concerns centred around the teaching of “critical race theory” and other controversial ideas, including “white privilege”. Campaign Against Antisemitism received concerning reports about the school apparently teaching that Jews are part of a privileged elite. A “Privilege Power” chart was reportedly disseminated, which appeared to show Jews just below Protestants and Catholics at the upper end of the “Spirituality-Religion” segment of the chart.

The introduction of racially-segregated after-school clubs reportedly upset numerous parents, many of whom are American.

In addition, allegations arose about a staff meeting in which the words “Nazi”, “swastika”, “Hitler” and “skinheads” were used by faculty members during what was described as a heated conversation about how some parents have reacted to the diversity curriculum.

The school denied that the inflammatory terms were used to describe parents but did not clarify in what context the terms were used. A spokesperson for the school did concede that remarks made during the meeting “could cause offence to the community,” with numerous Jewish families sending their children to the school.

This report from the Jewish Chronicle is particularly disturbing:

The acting head of Britain’s “wokest” school has come under fire from parents who accuse it of teaching that Jews, men and white people are inferior.

Jewish parents of children at the £32,000-a-year American School in London (ASL) – the most expensive day school in the country – called a meeting last week to complain about a recent Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) display, which celebrated left-wing figures who had no relevance to the genocide other than being Jewish.

One furious parent reportedly accused the school of attributing a “high status to certain immutable characteristics that are considered worthy of compassion” and a “low status” to others, such as being white, Jewish or male. The school strongly denied the accusation.

Read the full Ofsted report here.

This situation has apparently been brewing for months. This report from GBN News in the UK is from June of last year. The hosts interview a pair of school parents who tell a very familiar story. Watch:

This reaction to wokeness by the British is not unlike Macron’s reaction to it in France last year.

It turns out progressive ideas in education are not one of America’s best exports.

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JackinSilverSpring | March 13, 2022 at 10:50 am

Earth to parents: take your children and your money elsewhere. This pricey school will go broke it’s so woke.

    What parents should do is organize to monitor their Children’s education for progressive fascists attempting to turn their children into racist progressive fascists.

    The could instruct their children to record their classes so the parents can check what their teachers are teaching. When they find this evil they will have the evidence and use it to mobilize the parents to have the teachers fired. There is no difference between teaching children to be Nazis and CRT.

The British are plenty woke

casualobserver | March 13, 2022 at 12:35 pm

Science and math still matter. Even an education watchdog in woke Britain realizes that and isn’t willing to put “social justice” at the top of the educational priorities. Unlike US educators, unions, watchdogs, and political leaders. You won’t build the next better-than-everybody-else’s defensive weapon based on social justice intelligence. (I’m distinguishing defensive from offensive….)

“Interim head at ASL Sacha McVean defended the school to parents saying its programmes had the backing of schools leaders”

Ah, well, that clears everything up! Plus, it’s so flexible and useful!
Feeding Christians to the lions for public entertainment had the backing of Roman leaders.
Bombing and slaughtering Ukranian citizens has the backing of Russian leaders.
Wow, I think we’re onto something here.

The parents, no doubt all Democrats, are being taught a lesson that they will likely not understand. Leftists will destroy any institution or business before giving up their cult like obsessions. In fact burning down the house is frequently rewarded by a better job offer or funding by the billionaire class, government or academia. The wrack and ruin they leave behind for an entity that refused to bow to the cult is a badge of honor.

On it’s own this changes nothing this has to be part of a larger move against wokism in the UK for it to matter.

Speaking of combating wokeness, here’s Elon Musk bringing the lolz…