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University in the UK Puts Trigger Warning on 800 Year-Old Religious Text

University in the UK Puts Trigger Warning on 800 Year-Old Religious Text

“Staff also flagged ‘outdated’ language in the 1970s translation from Latin”

People who need trigger warnings for something like this are probably not ready for higher education.

The Daily Mail reports:

Manchester Metropolitan University puts a TRIGGER warning on religious medieval text because of ‘graphic’ and ‘upsetting’ content

University professors have applied trigger warnings to an 800-year-old religious text because the miracles described could be ‘graphic’.

History students at Manchester Metropolitan University will now be alerted to the potentially graphic content in a translation of the Miracles of the Hand of St James – a medieval text that describes the alleged miracles attributed to the mummified hand of St James.

Students set to study the historical text are first told: ‘Warning. Some of the miracles can be pretty graphic and may be off-putting to some.’

Staff also flagged ‘outdated’ language in the 1970s translation from Latin by Professor Brian Kemp which is ‘now considered offensive’, according to the warning note seen by The Telegraph.

Only one manuscript copy of the text survives, which is held in Gloucester Cathedral Library.

One of the passages includes a description of a woman ‘swollen with the disease of dropsy’ who prays at St James’s shrine in Reading Abbey until the ‘pit of her stomach burst forth’ and the ‘floodgates of her bowels were opened’

And another talks of a woman who ‘coughed up a great deal of blood’ before her foot, with toes at the heel and a heel at the toes, was healed.

Vomiting poison, encounters with demons and a mother losing her child during a difficult birth are all labeled as potentially upsetting for students.


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I don’t know who are the bigger snowflakes, the profs or the students.

I really don’t think snowflake is a strong enough word. I am thinking of one, but would probably be booted for using it.

I find trigger warnings to be upsetting. I demand trigger warnings on all trigger warnings!

    Milhouse in reply to irv. | August 4, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    Don’t laugh, that’s already been done. “Trigger” reminds hoplophobes of guns. And I suppose it reminds hippophobes of horses.

But they won’t put a trigger warning on the Quran, Hadith, and Sunna.

If they read “Fox’s Book of Martyrs,” they would have an attack of the vapors and faint dead away.