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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in England Hosts ‘Anti-Racist Shakespeare’ Series

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in England Hosts ‘Anti-Racist Shakespeare’ Series

“brings together scholars and artists of colour from a wide variety of backgrounds to examine Shakespeare’s plays through the lens of race and social justice”

Woke ideology is tearing down things that the west once revered and held sacred.

The College Fix reports:

Famed Shakespeare’s Globe theatre hosts ‘Anti-Racist Shakespeare’

Shakespeare’s Globe, the historic theatre where the Bard’s famous plays were first performed hundreds of years ago, has partnered with Cambridge University Press to host a series of free webinars to study the works with an emphasis on race and identity.

The next webinar, scheduled for Feb. 23, will feature Farah Karim-Cooper, a Shakespeare scholar at Kings College London, and Globe Director Jude Christian “to discuss race and social justice in ‘Titus Andronicus,’” according to the Globe website.

The website for the Globe’s current production of “Titus Andronicus” offers a disclaimer describing the play as featuring “incidents and themes” of “anti-black racism” and “ableism,” among many other elements “which may be extremely upsetting for many.”

The “Anti-Racist Shakespeare” series, part of the Globe’s Winter 2022-23 and Summer 2023 sessions, “brings together scholars and artists of colour from a wide variety of backgrounds to examine Shakespeare’s plays through the lens of race and social justice,” according to the Globe website.

“Anti-Racist Shakespeare” past programs available to watch online include videos on “King Lear,” “The Merchant of Venice,” and “Hamlet.”

Cambridge University Press published in January a book of the same name as the webinar series that explores similar themes.

“‘Anti-Racist Shakespeare’ argues that Shakespeare is a productive site to cultivate an anti-racist pedagogy,” according to a summary by authors Ambereen Dadabhoy, a professor of literature at Harvey Mudd College in California, and Medda Mehdizadeh, professor of writing at UCLA.

The text “advances teaching Shakespeare through race and anti-racism in order to expose students to the unequal structures of power and domination that are systemically reproduced within society, culture, academic disciplines, and classrooms. We contend that this approach to teaching Shakespeare and race empowers students not only to see these paradigms but also to take action by challenging and overturning them.”


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I be, or I don’ be, whatchu lookin’ at?

Whatchu lookin at, Willis?

caseoftheblues | February 22, 2023 at 6:19 am

I say we go into the music and literature and practices of majority brown and black countries and and dig back hundreds of years or more pointing out and harshly criticizing how exclusionary they are to white culture, how they enshrine ableism and totally ignore or condemn LGBT+ communities then we destroy, ban, change and censor their art, music, language, culture, and literature….. that’s how it works right…

Funny thing is, much like some modern comedians the idiots want to cancel, one of the valuable things about Shakespeare is that he didn’t really have favorites when it came to scorn and ridicule. He roasted anyone who seemed to be too full of themselves – whether with tragedy or comedy.

Which, of course, is the reason the progressives want to cancel him (or, at least, force you to “interpret” his works). He is willing to strike at their sacred cows, slapping a “Kick Me” sign on their high priests.

Today’s Shakespeare’s Globe opened in 2000, so plays have not been performed there for hundreds of years. The original Globe (not named after Shakespeare) burned down in 1613.

Anyway, count me out of this crap. I had the misfortune of seeing the first half of SG’s Henry VIII in Sept. (I walked out at intermission.) They’ve gone woke. 200%.