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Dr. Birx was outed Sunday for defying her own holiday get-together guidance issued to the general public and has decided to retire after the "overwhelming" experience of having her hypocrisy gracing national headlines. Birx will help the Biden team and then she's out.

Instead of covering valuable information about the Wuhan coronavirus, the MSM has a nasty habit of concentrating on President Donald Trump. Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, has had enough of the childish behavior. She rightfully called out the MSM, so, of course, the media did everything it could to attack her.

As President Donald Trump promised during Monday's Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Tuesday's session would have math, statistics, and charts. The 2-hour briefing offered highly detailed information on the modeling that the federal Task Force is using to make decisions and inform the states. As is often the case, the most crucial portion may have been the media exchange that occurred after the initial presentation.