Instead of covering valuable information about the Wuhan coronavirus, the MSM has a nasty habit of concentrating on President Donald Trump.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, has had enough of the childish behavior. She rightfully called out the MSM, so, of course, the media did everything it could to attack her.

Trump’s thoughts about disinfectants caused outrage and twists in the MSM. Reporters and outlets spoke about the comments instead of the preliminary study, which showed that sunlight, heat, and humidity “may actually kill the virus.”

Birx voiced her frustration with the MSM on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday:

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper pressed Birx on whether Trump’s comments at a White House briefing Thursday alarmed her as a medical professional.

“The CDC had to issue a statement. Lysol had to issue a statement. I understand that you’re taking a generous approach to this when it comes to President Trump musing aloud, but this is potentially dangerous,” Tapper said. “As a doctor, doesn’t that bother you that you even have to spend any time discussing this?”

Birx replied that the focus on Trump’s comments crowded out a broader discussion about how to respond to the virus.

“It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle, because I think we’re missing the bigger pieces of what we need to be doing as an American people to continue to protect one another,” Birx said. “As a scientist and a public health official and a researcher, sometimes I worry that we don’t get the information to the American people that they need when we continue to bring up something that was from Thursday night.”

Birx hated how the media brushed aside the preliminary study I wrote about above. She also said discussions should be “about asymptomatics” and how the virus affects different age groups.”

She described Trump’s thoughts as a “musing” and pointed out that she corrected him:

“We have made it clear, and when he turned to me, I made it clear and he understood that it was not as a treatment. And I think that kind of dialogue will happen,” she added. “I think what got lost in there, which is very unfortunate in what happened next, is that study was critically important for the American people.”

We all know by now that Trump Derangement Syndrome broke the MSM and the left. They crossed the point of no return, but it’s upsetting that they will go after a highly respected person like Birx.

One would think that enough criticism from people like Birx would set off a lightbulb. But Trump must have poisoned her, right?

Birx said on NBC’s Meet The Press that she “made it very clear how I interpreted that” and also “made it very clear and so has Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and everyone associated with the task force, in their clarity around this is not a treatment.”

Birx said this on Meet the Press. NBC News Correspondent Andrea Mitchell said on the same program:

“I think the credibility of the scientists really now is on the line,” Mitchell said on Sunday morning’s Meet the Press, adding: “She is perpetuating an unscientific, untested, single study presented by a nonscientist from the Department of Homeland Security, which led to the president, as she put it, not fully digesting the data. She needed to be very clear on disavowing it, and to this point, she still has not been even this morning.”

Is Mitchell deaf? Birx said, and I emphasize: I “made it very clear and so has Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and everyone associated with the task force, in their clarity around this is not a treatment.”

Former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona told Kasie Hunt on MSNBC (I guess he forgot that last month Birx praised Trump’s “ability to analyze and integrate data.”):

Gee, maybe if the MSM didn’t concentrate so much on Trump’s comments, they would not have to address it!

Democratic strategist, consultant, and political advisor Adam Parkhomenko said, “Dr. Birx has become a Kellyanne.” He was talking about advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Then he used his popular comment to promote his daily newsletter. *Insert eye roll.*

So we should ignore her merely because she is working with Trump? Who cares that she is doing a fantastic job leading us through this pandemic, right?


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