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Despite the knowledge that a growing number of Americans deem the media untrustworthy and consider much of what is reported as #FakeNews, the leftist and mainstream media just can't seem to help themselves. They are whipping themselves into a frenzy over an NRA flier and further exploiting the Parkland shooting in their attempt to create a sense of what they feverishly—and falsely—claim is the NRA's hypocrisy.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel just admitted on Jake Tapper State of the Union that he knew of reports Deputy didn't enter school at time of CNN town hall forum in which he mocked and berated the NRA and Dana Loesch. Israel said he didn't mention it during the forum because he was waiting for investigators to confirm the reports. Here is the specific exchange:

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who also hosts a popular radio show and TV show on The Blaze, and her family spent the weekend prepping for a move because of all the death and rape threats she has received. On Sunday, Loesch explained on Twitter how people have tracked down her private cell phone number and posted pictures of her house online.

Radio host, TV host, and NRA spokeswoman has had quite a week. Journalists caused outrage after they claimed she said she wanted to fist The New York Times (she actually said fisk). Huffington Post's Yashar Ali penned a great and gracious apology on Twitter to Dana for his mistake. Now others have gone after Loesch for her explanation of the death of Philando Castile, including Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY).

Over the weekend, radio host, TV host, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch faced immense backlash over an NRA ad that she taped months ago. Journalists claimed that she said fist, which has a sexual connotation for some, instead of fisk The New York Times for lies and misinformation. Loesch appeared on "The Story" on Fox News to discuss the abuse she faced and couldn't understand why everyone would get so upset over her wanting to fact check The Times.

TV host, radio host, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has once again felt the wrath of leftists over an NRA video thanks to a few scumbag journalists who purposely twisted her words. In the video, released back in April, Loesch calls out The New York Times for the publication's lies and fake news. Pathetic leftist journalists freaked out over ONE word in the almost four minute video. They insisted she said that "we're going to fist the New York Times" instead of FISK. Claiming that Dana used a sexual term led to a lot of Twitter users threatening her with sexual violence.

Women's March group is at it again. This time they've decided to protest against the NRA, partially over an ad that features radio host Dana Loesch. Organizers of the group, which include Sharia-loving Linda Sarsour, claim the ad called "for armed conflict against our communities" and insulted people of color. Of course it didn't. The ad actually highlighted the rising violence the left has used lately. But that didn't stop the left from engaging in a smear campaign against Loesch, which Professor Jacobson described in this post.

Dana Loesch, a TV and talk show host who frequently appears in NRA videos, is the victim of a vicious smear campaign after she appeared in a video called "The Violence of Lies." The video was released on June 12 on the NRA Facebook page. The attacks on Loesch assert that Loesch's video calls for violence. But it doesn't. Just the opposite. It calls to meet the violence of leftist radicals with truth. What's actually going on is an attempt to deflect from the violence of a Bernie Sanders-loving, liberal Democrat who shot up a group of Republican congressmen at a baseball practice on June 14, and numerous other acts of "Resistance" violence. Loesch became the target of this smear campaign because her video was a convenient excuse to try to change the subject.