Radio host, TV host, and NRA spokeswoman has had quite a week. Journalists caused outrage after they claimed she said she wanted to fist The New York Times (she actually said fisk).

Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali penned a great and gracious apology on Twitter to Dana for his mistake.

Now others have gone after Loesch for her explanation of the death of Philando Castile, including Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY).

Domestic Security Threat!

This is how it started: Loesch pointed out that Castille had marijuana in his possession while carrying his gun, which makes it not a legal carry:

But we all know her pointing out the facts obviously means that she believes Castille deserved what he got, right? Yeah no, but that’s what a lot of people assumed in their responses to her. Then Rep. Rice stepped in:

Yes, a congresswoman actually publicly called the NRA and Loesch a domestic security threat because she had the nerve to point out the facts in the case.

Not only that, but Rice implied that millions of Americans, including myself, are a domestic security threat. People immediately came to defend Loesch and the NRA:

Rice has not responded.

Yashar Ali Apologizes

I have to give major props to Yashar Ali from the Huffington Post. Earlier this afternoon, he gave a heartfelt apology to Loesch on Twitter:

Ali explained that he really thought she said fist, but admitted having watching closed captioning and listening to the ad again he knows she said fisk.

Thank you, Ali. I wish more people would do this.